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Brooke Mueller is a sour puss!

by Photo of Demetria Mosley

Brooke Mueller wants no part of Charlie Sheen Roast.

Brooke Mueller is a sour puss!

With the recent chaos and destruction Charlie Sheen has unleashed into our world (the winning epidemic, the Violent Torpedo tour, third-degree assault, overdoses, etc.) , it seems as if he’s going to finally pay for it all via a Comedy Central Roast.

Charlie is even allowing no limitations on what can be said about him during the show. This means the jokes could become vitally brutal and crushingly harsh. Yes, I'm extremely excited . however there’s one little lady that’s not too happy; Brooke Mueller.  

TMZ has reported that Sheen’s ex wife, Brooke Mueller, does NOT want to be mention in any punch line during the Comedy Central special. Brooke is even thinking about going as far as drawing up legal documentation and sending it over to the Network! How dramatic!

I’m sure the comedians roasting Sheen will have a lot more to talk about then some straight to DVD actress. Sorry Brooke, calm down!

You can watch Charlie’s Roast on Sept 19th on Comedy Central. Who do you think is going to be there? Maybe Lisa Lampanelli, Kathy Griffin, or even Joan Rivers!  I don’t know, but I do know if you’re looking for absolutely the best tickets to an event, head to charged.fm

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