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Kobe Bryant Breaks Missed Field Goals 'Record'

by Photo of Connor McCollum

Kobe set new mark for most missed field goals in NBA history

Kobe Bryant Breaks Missed Field Goals 'Record'

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Although he is a first ballot hall of famer, Kobe Bryant set a mark in the NBA yesterday evening that may not be rivaled for some time. Kobe Bryant surpassed Boston Celtics legend John Havlicek for the most missed field goals in NBA history last night, missing his 13,418th career shot.

If you have watched the Lakers in recent years, this may come as no surprise. Since they won their last title in 2010, their talent has diminished. Kobe is the only player remaining from their championship team. The team is composed of recent draft picks and roster fillers. Free agent additions Carlos Boozer and Jeremy Lin haven't provided much support. With their current personnel, the Lakers will more than likely miss the playoffs this year. It is evident that Kobe still remains far and away the Lakers best scoring option. Considering Kobe likes to take a lot of shots even with great talent on his teams, he does miss quite frequently as well. 

Kobe said it best after the game: "Well, I'm a shooting guard that has played for 19 years... Like I said, 'shooting' guard, 19th year." You have to be around a long time and play at an extremely high level to be able to take (and subsequently miss) that many shots.

Kobe signed a maximum contract deal for three years before this season. Kobe will more than likely play his entire career in a Los Angeles Lakers uniform. This leaves plenty of chances for many more makes and misses for one of the greatest NBA players in history.

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