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Carmelo Anthony Reaches 20,000 Points

by Photo of Connor McCollum

Carmelo joins the 20,000 points club at age 30 and becomes the sixth-youngest player to do so.

Carmelo Anthony Reaches 20,000 Points

Sunday evening at Madison Square garden was not your average third-game-of-the-season meeting between the Charlotte Hornets and the New York Knicks. It was a Sunday night celebration as Knicks star Carmelo Anthony scored topped 20,000 points for his career. After turning 30 in May, Melo has become the sixth youngest player in NBA history to enter the 20,000-point club. Carmelo is the 40th and newest member of the club.

Carmelo scored his 20,000 point one of the only ways Carmelo knows how. An elbow three pointer flowed by his famous three-point celebration. On top of reaching a massive career milestone midway through the first quarter, Carmelo and the Knicks battled their way to a 96-93 victory behind a 28-point performance from Melo. The Knicks improved to 2-1 on the young season under rookie head coach Derek Fisher. The Knicks next game is at the Garden hosting the new look Washington Wizards tomorrow night, November 4. Moments like these are why we go to the games.

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