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Big Picture Media's Sixth Annual CMJ Showcase 2014

by Photo of Jason Hernandez

Big Picture Media sees the big picture with impressive lineup.

Big Picture Media's Sixth Annual CMJ Showcase 2014

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Last week, CMJ took over the city that never sleeps and CHARGED.fm went out to see the best and brightest showcases that were offered. Of them, Big Picture Media's Sixth Annual Showcase in NYC at The Living Room which proved to be one of the top CMJ events. It displayed a wide range of talents that are definitely acts worth looking out for. Here are just some of the stellar artists that graced their stage that night:


Possibly the furthest thing you could get from conventional rock without entering another genre altogether, Fictionist's performance was quite the trip. Lead singers Stuart Maxfield and Robbie Connolly had magnetizing voices, drawing the entire audience into the rhythm of the night. Better yet, the underlying tone of funk present in all of their songs was so infectious that I caught myself several times growing an afro...figuratively speaking or quite possibly literally. Quick drumming and powerful guitar chords were aplenty, Fictionist were a smart choice to help get the energy rising for the rest of the night.

Somebody's Darling

Now Somebody's Darling is some good ol' classic rock. Amber Farris really put some grit on the lyrics, driving home each verse with her resonating voice. Shouldn't need to be said, but don't let her small stature fool you as Amber's a whirlwind behind the mic. She probably could have carried on the entire act a cappella and still sound phenomenal but with the entire band with her, the band as a whole was unstoppable.


Did Freddie Mercury come back to life? BRAEVES lead singer Ryan Colt Levy carries both the bravado and singing chops of the late and great singing legend and it was all on display at the showcase. Going through the entire list of songs from their latest EP Drifting by Design, Ryan's mellow tones carried throughout the entire building. To say the least, it was difficult to accept that BRAEVES had to leave the stage.

Alexz Johnson

That night Alexz Johnson performed all new songs from her latest album Let 'Em Eat Cake. Listening to her voice one might have thought they entered church especially since Johnson sounds perfectly in place alongside a gospel choir. Her track "Thank You For Breaking My Heart" alone is worthy of finding a home in the sacred house. It's practically a bonus track from Disney's Hercules movie (ok, different religion/time period/make-believe universe, but work with me here). It also turns out the musical talent runs in the family, as her younger brother performed brilliantly on the drums. Overall, seeing Alexz Johnson live was one beautiful experience.


Reminiscent of a cross between the Beach Boys and Foo Fighters, TEAM was quite a pleasant surprise. With just enough time in between songs to motion for what the next one would be, TEAM smashed out each song with pure ferocity. These guys had an infectious energy and the whole audience was bopping their heads with only ten seconds into the first song. The only thing that soured the performance was that it came to an end so quickly.

Big Picture Media CMJ Showcase Gallery:

Somebody's Darling:


Alexz Johnson:


For all of your indie-rock tickets, check CHARGED.fm!

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