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Bruno Mars Responds to Tyler's Threat

by Photo of Ryan Kwong

How would you react if someone told you they want to stab you in the esophagus?

Bruno Mars Responds to Tyler's Threat

In this article…

Bruno Mars receives a lot of love, but also a lot of hate. Recently, he has been caught in Odd Future Tyler's crosshair. In Tyler's debut solo album, Goblin, he mentions Hayley Willams, who collaborated with Bruno Mars on the hit single Airplane:

"What you think of Hayley Williams?

F--- her, Wolf Haley robin 'em

I'll crash that f---ing airplane with that f---ing n---a B.o.B is in

And stab Bruno Mars in his goddamn esophagus."

When Mars heard those hostile words, he responded in a calm and playful manner, "[Tyler] has to wait in line if he wants to stab me," he told Spin.com, "[Tyler's] definitely not the first guy that's said something like that to me and he's not going to be the last."

But why would Tyler say such a thing? Was he jealous of Bruno Mars' popularity, or was he simply bored and wanted to start beef with someone?

Believe or not, Tyler's hateful words were inpired by his distaste towards the hit single Airplane: "Still Hate That Airplanes Song Tho. It Has The Same Chord Progression As F--king 'Love The Way You Lie' And That One Song By Katy Perry," Tyler said.

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