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How Will Percy Harvin help the Jets?

by Photo of Connor McCollum

Can the explosive Percy Harvin redeem the Jet’s poor season?

How Will Percy Harvin help the Jets?

After a 1-6 start and almost no shot at making the playoffs, The New York Jets found a way to make new headlines. After fallout with the coaching staff, explosive playmaker Percy Harvin traded in his sea green uniform for the Green and White in New York. The Jets acquired Harvin from the Seattle Seahawks earlier last week.

Although any postseason hopes for the Jets are all but over, getting Percy Harvin can certainly benefit their offense for the remainder of the season and beyond. With between 9-10 weeks of football for NFL teams, that allows time for Harvin to acclimate to the Jets offense. Barring any coaching changes for the remainder of the season or off season, the Jets offensive schemes will remain similar to years past. The Jets often run the wildcat between Chris Johnson, Chris Ivory, Geno Smith and Michael Vick. Do not be surprised to see Harvin lineup in certain wildcat sets where he will either make an explosive play or serve as a decoy to open up the field of the aforementioned personnel. The Wildcat formation may be where the New York Jets decide to use Percy Harvin most often.

On Paper, Percy Harvin is a good pickup for the Jets as a wide receiver, return man and potential wildcat specialist. Despite a big name signing, it seems as if the biggest issue facing the Jets has been haunting them for years: the lack of production at the quarterback position. With 7 touchdown passes and 7 interceptions a 1:1 ratio is not one that head coach Rex Ryan will be happy with. Ryan has even gone as far as publicly labeling this season for the Jet’s a “failure.” Harvin may increase the Jets offensive productivity, but until the Jets sort out their quarterback situation, the team will have a tough time making the postseason in the next couple of years.

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