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Is the New York Giants Season Over?

by Photo of Connor McCollum

Can the Giants reach the postseason with the toughest schedule in the NFL on the horizon?

Is the New York Giants Season Over?

Since their three-game win streak, the New York Giants have now dropped two straight, both to their biggest divisional rivals in consecutive weeks. And both losses have been brutal. The Philadelphia Eagles thumped New York 27-0 while the Dallas Cowboys methodically put away the Giants 31-21. Sitting at 3-4 heading into their week 8 bye, It may be be a tall order for the New York Giants to reach the postseason.

It is not because they are 3-4. Some 3-4 teams at this stage in the season still have a legitimate shot depending on what division they are in. Unfortunately for the Giants, The NFC east for now is a two horse race between the Cowboys and Eagles. Philadelphia had a bye week in Week 7, and their record sits at 5-1. The Cowboys are now at 6-1 and have the 2-5 Washington Redskins and the 1-6 Jacksonville Jaguars in two of their next three games. Hypothetically speaking, the Cowboys win those two of their next three to go to 8-2. An 8-2 record realistically means that they would only have to win at least one, maybe two more games to earn a playoff berth.

The Eagles have a fairly difficult schedule in the upcoming weeks. Coming off their bye week this week, The Eagles travel to the desert to take on the 5-1 Cardinals and their league-leading defense. The Eagles then stay on the road as they travel the Houston before hosting the Carolina Panthers. The Eagles have a more difficult schedule in the upcoming weeks than the division leading Cowboys.

It does not get any easier for the Giants coming off the bye. The following week, the Giants host the red-hot Indianapolis Colts on Sunday Night Football. Then they travel across country to play the 3-3 Seattle Seahawks. On Week 11 they host the San Francisco 49ers and the following week they host the Dallas Cowboys. That's four straight against opponents with records over .500, and two are division leaders (at least right now).

When you factor in the injuries the Giants are dealing with (Victor Cruz, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Rashad Jennings, Jon Beason, a good part of the offensive line), making up three and two-and-a-half game deficits against that tough of a schedule seems impossible. The team is even two games back in the Wild Card hunt behind 5-2 Green Bay. It's only Week 7, so they aren't eliminated, but this won't be easy. It could be another season without postseason football for the Blue half of New York.

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