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5 Reasons Why You Should Be On the Royals Bandwagon

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

The Royals are taking the playoffs by storm, and here’s why you should care.

5 Reasons Why You Should Be On the Royals Bandwagon

It's been a long time coming, but the Kansas City Royals are back. KC hadn't made the postseason since winning the 1985, and the team endured some mighty lean years. But the Royals are making it easy to forget that tortuous wait with their performance in the playoffs thus far. 

The Royals qualified as one of the two AL Wild Card teams and they haven't looked back. Kansas City has won their first six games of the playoffs. They knocked off the Oakland A's in the Wild Card game, swept the Los Angeles Angels in three straight to take the ALDS, and won the first two games of the ALCS against the Baltimore Orioles on the road. Tonight, the Royals return to Kansas City where the atmosphere will be one of the most electric you will find in any ballpark.

Naturally, the Royals are getting plenty of positive attention because of their run. It's completely deserved. Here are five reasons you need to jump on the Royals bandwagon while there is still time.

1. The Royals play exciting baseball.

For those that claim baseball is boring, might I direct you to a Royals game? The brand of baseball KC plays is anything but boring. Filled with young, exciting players, the team really leaves it all out there on both sides of the ball. They are aggressive on the base paths (7 steals by 7 different players in the Wild Card game, 13 steals total this postseason), they are opportunistic at the plate, and they have experienced a power surge with eight home runs. 

The young core has really come alive this postseason. Eric Hosmer is posting an absurd .435/.552/.826 line with two homers, a triple and a seven RBI. Lorenzo Cain is batting .370 at the top of the lineup, and Mike Moustakas has broken through with four home runs, including some in clutch situations.

In the field, Royals like Cain and Nori Aoki are flashing the leather all over the outfield with some amazing plays to save runs. The pitching hasn't been completely lights out, but guys like James Shield, Yordani Ventura and Greg Holland have effectively shut the door on most hitters that they have seen. KC is one of the most compelling watches out there right now.

2. The extra-inning drama.

The Royals have won four of their six games in extra innings. I can't remember a team authoring as many great games in a postseason since maybe the Yankees back in 2001. No matter the situation, these Royals are never out of a game because of their penchant for clutch hitting. Up and down the lineup, guys like Alcides Escobar, Alex Gordon and Salvador Perez keep coming through when it counts. 

3. Kansas City has suffered long enough.

Like I mentioned earlier, the Royals haven't been to the postseason since 1985 when they won their lone World Series title. But the franchise has endured 21 losing seasons since then. The Royals have put out awful teams, mediocre teams, and unlucky teams. The city's other sports team, the Chiefs, has been competitive, but hasn't brought a championship to the city either. These are dedicated fans that finally have a team that is winning, and seeing the passion in the stands during the postseason has been one of the most fun parts of watching this run.

4. Billy Butler deserves your love (and your BBQ sauce). 

Billy Butler is the longest-tenured player on the Royals. He was called up in 2007 and has played in over 150 games every year since 2009. Butler has put in terrific work in KC, but it never looked like he was going to make it to the postseason with the state of the franchise. He had to deal with teams that won 69, 75, 65, 67, 71 and 72 games to start his career while putting up All-Star caliber numbers.

But then last year, KC broke .500 and finished with an 86-76 record. This year, they obviously improved on it and got back to the postseason. And now here he is just two wins away from the World Series, where you know the BBQ Sauce will be flowing if they advance.

5. When the Royals are good, George Brett is happy.

GIF via CJZero

And that, in turn, makes the rest of us happy. 

So hop on that Royals bandwagon. There is still plenty of room for #Royaltober supporters.

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