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Enola Fall Vocalist Joe Nuttall Talks Music, Literature, Film, Alcohol and More

by Photo of Elizabeth Ramanand

Enola Fall singer Joe Nuttall is witty, talented and very funny.

Enola Fall Vocalist Joe Nuttall Talks Music, Literature, Film, Alcohol and More

Hailing from Tasmania, Enola Fall are an eclectic group that combines indie-pop, alternative, funk and much more. When we spoke with frontman Joe Nuttall he dished on being in the studio and working on new material with the band as well as their infectious track “Lions.” Nuttall humorously voices his view on books, movies, alcohol and growing up in Tasmania. Check out our interview below with Joe Nuttall of Enola Fall.

Talk about the track “Lions” musically and lyrically.

“Lions” is an odd one...musically there’s more than a touch of Afro-beat there. I’d love to tell you about all this obscure stuff that I was listening to when I wrote that track, but honestly it was probably just Paul Simon’s ‘Graceland’ coming through – first record I ever heard, apparently.

Lyrically, it’s a dark mess. I was having a lot of nightmares at the time, kind of MC Escher shit with no up or down…at some point I got eaten by a lion, all extremely unpleasant. So I thought it would be interesting to mix up that bouncy, almost cheerful beat with these nightmarish lyrics.

Also dish on the forthcoming material, what’s the progression of the new release?

I’m in the studio right now, funnily enough. We’re two tracks in and counting, looking for that sense of space and breathing in the sound. The last few tracks have been very claustrophobic and intense (“Lions” in particular) so a change of pace seems necessary.

How has the creative progress of this new disc been?

It’s always quite wrenching because those days of “Jam in a basement room until something cool emerges, then go and have a beer” are over. The garage band jam session thing, it’s great fun but it rarely produces anything of value, unless you’re trying to be punk. And, let’s face it that peaked a long time ago.

So what I’m doing, I guess, is a form of musical navel gazing. Writing music in a state of extreme nervousness and I’m no fun at all to be around when I’m doing that. It’s more like playing high stakes poker with yourself sometimes.

On the band’s Facebook under influences it states “Thin books, dumb movies, alcohol” what kinds of books, movies and alcohol do you find inspiring and enjoyable?

I’ve tried really hard to love classic novels (Moby Dick, The Great Gatsby etc.) but I just can’t do it. I find myself drawn to stuff like Clive Barker and Stephen King more often than not. It’s kind of the halfway point between great literature and hideous scourges of humanity like Stephanie Meyer and Dan Brown.

Comics are another one for me. I would rather read Swamp Thing or Sandman or L.O.E.G than watch most movies these days. In particular if that movie is directed by Michael Bay. I think that’s a given.

Alcohol is a given. With live music, you’re practically paid in it.

You guys are from Tasmania, how would you describe the music scene growing up?

Tassie is bizarre. For such a small and remote place it has a formidable live scene, a bunch of DIY record labels, festivals etc. There’s a strong focus on the grass-roots indie aesthetic (no hair gel, no dressing up, keep things honest) that was typified by bands like Pavement. That kind of environment is creatively awesome, but can get very judgmental and I don’t think anyone in the scene would deny that.

Did you go to any shows growing up? If so what was one influential live experience that inspired you to want to pursue music? Talk about this experience.

I actually played a show before I ever saw one! I was 13 and playing a Les Paul copy that was way too heavy for me. The gig was in a tiny youth club, we played Weezer and Jimi Hendrix covers and there were four people there. It was awesome.

It never really occurred to me to try and use any shortcuts to get further in the industry (talent competitions, music school etc.) I just played gigs and made terrible home-produced records and kept on doing it. I’m with Dave Grohl on this one, ‘The Voice’ and its ilk are parasitic talent sinks with very little to do with music, or forging a career in it.

Later I was fortunate enough to catch Pixies in Tasmania, that remains the greatest show I’ve ever seen.

What can we expect from Enola Fall for the rest of 2014?

Touring! So much touring – shows in the States, Canada, Australia, a couple of festivals and very probably another music video featuring my terrifying eyebrows again.

When on tour what is one non-electronic thing you must have with you on the road? Why?

Some kind of acoustic instrument, my mandolin or an acoustic guitar. It’s at 2:00 A.M., lying on the floor of whichever friend’s house who I’ve managed to stay at. When you can’t sleep - that’s often when the best ideas come, weirdly.

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Check Out Enola Fall's Video for "Lions" Below:

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