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Artist of the Month October 2014: Elle King

by Photo of Elizabeth Ramanand

Elle King talks her new album, musical influences and more.

Artist of the Month October 2014: Elle King

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With her brand new single "Ex’s and Oh’s" Elle King is one of the most refreshing artists out there today. When we spoke to King she expressed her enthusiasm about her forthcoming full-length album set for an early 2015 release.

King talks about the new disc by stating, “It’s got some new songs no one has heard. There’s a few songs that I’ve played that are on the album, it’s my first full album so I have to put some of those songs that I’ve been playing for a while. There will be songs on there that people will know, if they know me or if they’ve seen me live. Then there are some things that might surprise people, in a good way I hope.”

She continues, “I don’t know, I’ve never done this before. I just love to play music. It was fun and it took me a really long time to make this record because I kept changing and figuring out new influences, new sounds and new things that I liked. It’s just been such a crazy journey, I’m happy the album’s finished. I’m excited for people to hear it, I hope everyone likes it.”

This might be King’s first full-length effort but make no mistake she’s always been musically inclined. “My mom says I came out singing and screaming, I’ve always been very loud. I also played violin as a little girl, I just kept building up the instruments that I’ve played. I’ve always had an instrument in my hand” says King.

When we spoke to her lovable mom London King, she talked about Elle’s relationship with music. “She’s been inundated by every kind of genre. Her stepfather was a real inspiration to her and really got her into vinyl and he has a gigantic record collection so she had access. She was really influenced by all these different kinds of artists and genres and she has fun with it and I think that’s why she can be so mish mosh and not be categorized into one genre.“

Ms. King humorously says, “I’m not musical, I can’t even clap on beat. [Laughs] She always sang; even as a baby when I fed her she would beat out a rhythm on my chest and I just thought every kid did that. She just kept getting attention for her voice and her range and she seemed to shock people – they never expected this big voice to come out of that little girl. I think she’s finally growing into that voice and learning how to use it. I think everything exploded when she figured out how to tie her emotions with her music and then it became this incredible outlet.”

Elle talked about her ever changing musical influences. “I feel like that’s what growing up is, liking new things. Sometimes I want to listen to country, sometimes I want to listen to soul. I love Levon Helm so much, he is f---ing incredible and then there’s Bruce Springsteen and that man can write a song.”

The songstress also talked about her love of string instruments and her interest playing the guitar, banjo, mandolin and piano. “I get bored really easily and when I feel like my songwriting is stunted I try to pick up a new instrument. I really wrote my first batch of songs when I started becoming OK at guitar. I wrote a lot of songs the first year I learned how to play banjo. There’s something in my brain where, if I don’t know how to do something it drives me insane. So I won’t stop until I’m good enough at it and I look at instruments like such a challenge because it wakes something up in my brain.”

Mama King knows best as she gives her daughter props on her creativity and musical style. “She’s got a sound of her own, she just does what she wants. There’s just a freedom about what she does and it’s fun and it makes people interested in listening to her. She’s a kickass little songwriter too which people don’t realize. These songs are her. I listen to them, I know what those stories are – they make me laugh, they make me cry. They’re her and they’re raw and she’s showing her vulnerabilities. This is real stuff, it’s not poppy-tarty goodness.”

Ms. King always supported Elle in her music not only as a passion but as a career mainly because Elle was brought up seeing her parents follow their passions. Ms. King just happens to be a birth doula. “My passion is child birth and that’s really crazy renegade work. She saw how our family supported me and that was always extended to everybody. Her stepfather was a screen printer. She grew up knowing that people could follow their passions, get really good at it and learn to make a living off of it and not to ever sell yourself short.”

Elle talks about pursuing her dreams, “I’ve always been performing and onstage. I’ve always known that’s what I wanted to do. My parents were performers so I’ve always been around it and it’s strange for me to think about doing anything else. I’ve never really had a 'real' job and I don’t think I could. Sometimes I laugh when I think about the fact that this is my job and I can’t believe I’m getting away with it.”

Her very supportive mom gives some insight. “As she understands her music more, she understands herself more. She realizes that this is a business and her stepfather has always been in bands and stuff so we’ve always approached it as that, this is your work and you need to honor it that way. She takes it seriously and she’s got a really good handle on it. She’s professional and I’m really proud of her.”

Check Out Elle King's New Song "Ex's and Oh's"

Our thanks to Elle King and London King for the interview. For all of your concert ticketing needs, be sure to check CHARGED.fm!

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