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John Digweed Talks 'The Traveler'

by Photo of Connor McCollum

We spoke with dance music pioneer John Digweed about his upcoming album and more.

John Digweed Talks 'The Traveler'

As dance music legend and pioneer John Digweed prepares for his Verboten debut tonight in Brooklyn, CHARGED.fm spoke with Digweed about his upcoming album featuring Nick Muir and author John Twelve Hawks. Hawks wrote The Traveler, a sci-fi novel that inspired the Digweed and Muir’s upcoming album, set for an October 6 release through Bedrock Music. The album will also be named The Traveler in its dedication towards the book.

CHARGED.fm: When did you begin working with Nick Muir?

John Digweed: We have actually been working together since about 1992, so yeah, quite some time.

CHARGED.fm: Let's jump into the book The Traveler by John Twelve Hawks as well as your upcoming album inspired by the work. I understand you have connected with the author, Mr. Hawks. Have you always had an interest in the science fiction genre?

John Digweed: Well, I mean basically John Twelve Hawks actually got in contact with myself because he used to listen to my radio show and my mix albums. So, he sent me a copy of The Traveler and said, you know, I’ve been listening to your show while I’ve been working on my trilogy of books and I would like you to have a copy as a kind of thank you. So, you know, it took me a while to read the book because of my traveling schedule, but, once I had read the book I told him how much I enjoyed it, and then the dialogue kind of went from there really.

CHARGED.fm: In a way, Hawks stemmed your interest, or did it add to your fascination of science fiction?

John Digweed: Well I mean, Blade Runner is one of my favorite films. I like certain Sci-Fi stuff. I think that if you read the book, you know, it is a bit of a sci-fi but the other stuff in the book is actually quite relevant, a lot of the stuff as well. So, you know it kind of crosses that border between a fictional story going on in there but a lot of the stuff that is happening in the story, is real. So you know I think he’s (Hawkes) telling a story and he tells it really well, and you can relate to it as well.

CHARGED.fm: You got in contact with John Hawks. The two of you met up as a result of this bond you have formed. How was working with him on the album?

John Digweed: He is a consummate professional. Obviously we wanted to get his voice as clear as possible. He came to our studio and did it in one take pretty much. From that end he was a perfect person to work with. A good DJ can share a story through his music and a good writer can tell a story with a book. He was inspired by what I do as a DJ and likewise I am inspired by after reading his book how he writes and all that. We're drawing inspiration for our music from the book.

CHARGED.fm: Can fans expect to hear Hawks voice featured on several tracks on the upcoming album?

John Digweed: On the album, his voice is on every track.

CHARGED.fm: Was the process of getting Hawks into the studio difficult, as he prefers to live his life in privacy?

John Digweed: Yeah, I mean obviously, he likes to live his life a certain way and we respect that. When we were talking about trying to get his vocal samples we tried to do it down the phone and over Skype but the quality was not good enough. If you are trying to put out an album it is important we get a quality recording. Once we let him know we needed to get better quality audio he agreed to come in and do them. He also wanted the project to come out as best it can.

CHARGED.fm: Where did the inspiration for "3B3" originate?

John Digweed: Well, 3B3 is the name of a drug given to one of the travelers to allow it to go to different realms. Nick and myself with that in mind, wanted to try and give the track a bit of an old school feel to it. That’s why its got the 303 running through it and on the track Hawks talks about the 3B3 effect.

CHARGED.fm: Apart from the album release, are there any upcoming plans for the remainder of 2014?

John Digweed: Our record label is doing its 15th anniversary next Saturday in London, and, you know, were just trying to focus on promoting The Traveler album for the next few months because obviously we have a lot planned and put a lot of effort and work into it and want to make sure as many people hear our project as possible.

You can pre-order The Traveler here. Digweed will be at Verboten tonight, September 26, and will also be performing at TomorrowWorld on Saturday at the Pete Tong All Gone Stage.

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