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Thousands of Baltimore Ravens Fans Exchange Ray Rice Jerseys

by Photo of Connor McCollum

The Ravens offered free exchanges for fans over the weekend.

Thousands of Baltimore Ravens Fans Exchange Ray Rice Jerseys

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Just as everyone thinks the Ray Rice saga is over, the Baltimore Ravens are back in the spotlight. However, it may be seen in a brighter light for the franchise. Thousands of Ravens fans lined up outside the team store at M&T bank stadium to exchange their Ray Rice jerseys for a player of their choice at no charge.

After the now infamous video leaked of Ray Rice striking his wife unconscious in an elevator surfaced two weeks ago, fans that do not stand with Rice are trading in their jerseys for free to switch with a player of their choice. Lines stretching nearly two football fields in length lined up outside the Raven Stadium to swap their Rice jerseys. The line was longer to exchange jerseys than it was for the new release of the iPhone 6 in Baltimore.

The deal at the stadium's official team store is a two-day event that began this Friday. Fans had until Saturday to swap their jerseys free of charge. It is a great solution by an organization that received a lot of flack for their handling of the incident. Hopefully this good deed will help remove the stigma that has recently been placed on the organization. It's a very small step, but a positive one for a franchise that has made several wrong choices over the past few weeks.

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