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Andy Biersack and Ashley Purdy of Black Veil Brides Talk New Album and More

by Photo of Elizabeth Ramanand

Black Veil Brides members Andy Biersack and Ashley Purdy chat about the band’s self-titled new release.

Andy Biersack and Ashley Purdy of Black Veil Brides Talk New Album and More

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With their new self-titled fourth studio album due out on Oct. 27, Black Veil Brides had a massive press day in New York City. We got to sit down with the guys for an exclusive interview…at Hooters. While they waited for their wings frontman Andy Biersack ordered a mug of Angry Orchard while bassist Ashley Purdy got a 7 and 7 all while making our cute waitress Sam laugh.

“I remember coming to one of these with my dad when I was a kid and totally buying into the Hooters chick thing with her sitting at the table with us" shares Biersack. He continues, "I remember being eight years old and I said to my dad, ‘You know she’s not really into you, she’s just trying to get tips right?’ That’s something my dad talks about, how funny that was to him, at that age I was perceptive to the leechy nature of the Hooters-like aesthetic.” With an edge of humor in his voice, Biersack states, “Now I assume all women are into me, that’s a safe bet.” Clearly witty, charming and intelligent, a safe bet it is. Check out our interview with both Andy Biersack and Ashley Purdy of Black Veil Brides below.

The new album is self-titled. What made you go this route for a title for your fourth studio album?

Andy Biersack: [Laughs] Well I was saying this earlier, we had like seven titles for the last record: it was Black Veil Brides’ Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones. So I feel like we exhausted all the title options and so maybe we didn’t have any titles left. [Laughs] Honestly it just felt right, every time I had about five titles I’d give to the band and we’d sit around and talk about it and none of those names felt as right as this self-titled.

It just felt like we were forcing the idea of an album title – we just wanted things to go more organically on this one and it just felt like the natural title for the record. It feels like a definitive piece to us, we feel very confident in the music and we also wanted to keep the tradition of Bob [Rock] who has done self-titled records with Metallica, Motley Crue, and The Cult. So we wanted to keep that tradition too, we liked it, there’s something nostalgic about it.

What about who you guys are as people and musicians can we hear on the new material?

Ashley Purdy: We’ve said it before, this is our most authentic and genuine record. It represents who we are as people and our lives and where we’re at right now. As a band, we spent a lot of time together on this record and we focused on the record and our lives together as a band and it really shows through in the record. Before we had a concept with all of our stuff but this one is just a raw, genuine, honest record.

AB: We wanted to do something genuine and lyrically it was very much shooting from the hip; it was about things I was experiencing as I was experiencing them and then writing them down. I know everyone’s like, “This is our most honest record or our heaviest or our most melodic.” Genuinely for us it feels like our most definitive thing we’ve done towards the sound we’ve wanted to cultivate. I was 17-years-old when we were doing our first record and I feel like this is the best we’ve ever gotten to sounding the way we want to sound. I think any artist that is really worth their sh-t tries to get better with everything they do and it’s always trying to achieve something that may not even be achievable – you may try to reach for something that you may never attain. This is the closest we’ve gotten to how we want to sound.

AP: That’s contributory to the team that we had behind us, besides Bob he brought in the players that we admired. People that worked with The Cult and Bon Jovi and Motley, People who worked on those records worked on our records. I think we tried to emulate that on previous records but we had the actual crew behind us and we achieved what we wanted to do.

You guys won Loudwire’s award for Most Dedicated Fans beating out some heavy hitters all while winning many more awards.

AP: Don’t we always win those competitions that are online?

AB: Yeah, because we’re the sh-t. No, it has nothing to do with us. It has everything to do with the fan base. We won the award at the AP awards and we gave it away to a fan, it’s really how we feel. That wasn’t a gesture to be done for media attention, we don’t need a bunch of trophies for us to validate our feelings.

AP: It was a sentiment about giving it back because it was a fan voted award.

AB: The fan that received that award, it’s going to mean everything to them because they spent the actual time to vote for it.

On your Pledge Music page, damn near everything is gone. What is it about the music or the band itself that you think causes people to gravitate towards it?

AB: Fun, excitement, the vibe. We’re exciting and we’re excited to be in the band. I think some people lose sight of the fact that rock and roll at its core is about innate rebellion and fun and exciting things. You can escape from the day to day problems that you have, most people’s life is boring or it sucks. Generally speaking the rules that comes with adult life or for a younger audience or high school life – music has always been a great way of escaping it.

A lot of bands lose sight of that and so they want so desperately to be serious and there’s no fun or theatricality you can escape with. We always present the fans with a great opportunity to be involved with us in every capacity – in the artwork, the record, and our music videos. We’ve always had our audience around us, we feel like it’s a community.

In a world where rock and roll is so antiquated and something that is no longer a viable genre, in some ways we’re seen like we’re in the dinosaur genre. To have the fan base that we have, we are so fortunate and lucky and we want to give back in any way we can.

AP: Also I think that we’re relatable; the five individual members have our own personalities that someone relates to. People can aspire to be like us, that rockstar quality that’s been missing for so long, besides the fun and rebellion – there’s an ambition to aspire to something. When I grew up it was Guns N’ Roses, Poison, Motley and I would say, “I want to be like that when I grow up!” I think kids still aspire to be like their heroes because that’s how we grew up with rock and roll. I think we still carry that torch and hopefully inspire kids to be greater than where they come from and not be a product of where they’re from but be greater than that.

The lead single "Heart of Fire", talk about it lyrically and musically.

AB: It’s a song that’s written from a perspective of a concept that I believe we have which is time and circumstance - sometimes people will allow that to change how they feel about things. Where you’re at in life, where you’re at in your relationship, where you’re at in terms of your interests and sometimes people will allow that to alter how they feel about their passion for life or how they feel about their greatest objective in life. The idea behind the song is that I feel that I’m the same internally in terms of my passion for what I do in this band and what we do as a band from 14 to 24 to I believe when I’ll be 40 years old – the idea is the passion burns the same.

It’s not about rising up from the outside influence, it’s about literally maintaining who the f—k you are. It’s about understanding you have to have an innate belief about who you are as a person on a cellular level so that you can continue on being that person you wish to be. Otherwise the world will change you, it’s inevitable, and the things you experience in life will alter who you are. Only the best of us have an opportunity to surpass that and stay the same. That’s why so many get disappointed, “Oh my favorite artist changed” because ultimately you’re going to change but hopefully the change is better and you can maintain the same feeling and innate passion you had for something, no matter what it is.

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Check Out Black Veil Brides Brand New Song "Faithless" Below:

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