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Watch Gatorade's Ode to Derek Jeter 'Made in New York'

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

The Captain walks to Yankee Stadium in the latest send-off for the Yankees shortstop.

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With every Yankees loss, it becomes clearer and clearer that Derek Jeter's illustrious career is nearing its end. While the New York Yankees are still mathematically alive in the AL Wild Card race, it would take a miracle for the team to actually clinch a postseason berth. While it was real before the Yankees started to sputter, now it's really real.

Another thing that just made everything really real was the new commercial Gatorade just released today that serves as a goodbye to Jeter. Titled "Made in New York", the spot is shot entirely in black and white. Set to the score of Frank Sinatra's "My Way", Jeter walks through the Bronx interacting with Yankees fans on his way to the stadium. He talks to kids, visits Stan's Bar right outside the stadium, and brings smiles to hundreds of faces in the concourses before a game.

It might be just a bit cheesy, but watching this as a Yankees fan definitely got me choked up. It's a beautiful spot that nails home what kind of presence Jeter has in New York. Even as his skills noticeably decline to the point where he is mired in 0-31 streaks, something like this comes and reinforces everything his fans and even detractors admire: his humility, his class, his charisma, his stoicism and his charm. Jeter gets to show it all off during his interactions with the denizens of the Bronx and Yankee Stadium, and the visuals paired with Sinatra's own swan song offer up the most beautiful and compelling kind of tribute to Jeter yet. 

Watch Gatorade's Ode to Derek Jeter 'Made in New York'

It's now really starting to sink in that Derek Jeter only has 11 games remaining (including just eight more at Yankee Stadium), so cherish him while you can, baseball fans.

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