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Should Jonathan Dwyer's Legal Troubles Cause More of a Concern to the NFL?

by Photo of Davis Santana

Dwyer becomes the next athlete to be investigated on domestic violence allegations.

Should Jonathan Dwyer's Legal Troubles Cause More of a Concern to the NFL?

In the wake of Ray Rice's indefinite suspension and Adrian Peterson's child abuse allegations, Arizona Cardinals' running back Jonathan Dwyer is currently being investigated with his own legal troubles. Reports indicate that a fight between him and his wife led to his arrest where he faces aggravated assault charges. The Cardinals have already gone as far as deactivating Dwyer, relieving him of all team-related activities. This may possibly lead to Dwyer getting cut from the roster. It is difficult to say that this is a series of unfortunate events. The league's mistreatment and mishandling of off-the-field situations has, in some ways, contributed to this behavior, which is demoralizing to consider. 

This could not have happened in a more difficult time for the NFL as they are still recovering from taking a hit on how they have handled players' off-field troubles. Concern most definitely looms over the NFL with Anheuser-Busch, their leading advertising sponsor, openly expressing their displeasure and even going as far as reconsidering their sponsorship. Should that occur, that would be a devastating blow to NFL as their image has not been seen in the best light as of late in the media. 

The NFL should most definitely be concerned when considering the holding power Anheuser-Busch has had as their exclusive beer sponsor. Though personally, I do not think that Anheuser-Busch would just pull out on the NFL, I definitely do believe that should serve as a of wake up call to the league on the issue of accountability. Players need to be held to a standard in terms how they conduct themselves on and off the field. On Monday the NFL was finally able to come to an agreement with the NFLPA on a new drug policy which will enhance and improve how discipline is taken on those players who violate the terms of the use of illegal substances. 

Until the NFL and NFLPA can come to an agreement on the proper disciplinary procedure needed to be taken on players who face legal issues off the field such as domestic violence, heinous crimes, and any other felonious charges, there will be a gray area. Situations vary from case to case but there needs to be clear, concise, strict rules and guidelines needed to be followed on how to proceed once a player is either facing any legal trouble or allegation or may be convicted of a crime. The NFL needs to do well to make sure they do not lose their sponsors or alienate fans, and in trying to repair what is now a damaged reputation and with a growing female audience, how they proceed from now will dictate the retention and growth of female fans who watch the NFL. 

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