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VIDEO: Billy Eichner Saved the Emmys

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Billy Eichner and Seth Meyers took to the streets to play ‘For A Dollar’ and it was terrific.

Seth Meyers turned in a predictably safe but bland performance as host of the Emmys last night, but things got spiced up thanks to Billy Eichner. The host of Fuse's Billy On The Street joined Meyers for his popular segment "For A Dollar". Eichner and Meyers peppered New Yorkers with questions about TV's biggest night: The Emmy Awards. Eichner's forward and blunt nature was an absolute breath of fresh air, and Meyers standing next to people who openly chose Jimmy Fallon as their favorite late-night host was just priceless. 

Eichner showed why his devoted following. His delicate combination of excitability and rage is terrifically unpredictable and makes for some of the most authentic human reactions you will see on TV. If the Emmy's are going to keep awarding the same 5 people awards every year (looking at you, Jim Parsons), here's a way to mix things up for next year's awards: have Eichner host the entire proceedings from the streets of Los Angeles. Just shut down Hollywood and make all of the nominees run through LA asking random pop culture questions. THAT would be some compelling television, and super cheap to produce. You're welcome, TV executives.

VIDEO: Billy Eichner Saved the Emmys

For a full list of 2014 Emmys Winners, which included the likes of Breaking Bad, Modern FamilyLouis. C.K. and Sarah Silverman, head to the official Emmys site.

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