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10 Reasons You Need to Go to Afropunk Festival 2014

by Photo of Elizabeth Ramanand

No Sleep Til Brooklyn or While in Brooklyn for this year’s Afropunk Festival.

10 Reasons You Need to Go to Afropunk Festival 2014

Afropunk Festival 2014 is right around the corner. Music, food, art and fun, what’s not to love about this festive Brooklyn celebration? There are so many reasons to check it out, below are just a few of the reasons why we’re checking it out and why we think you should to.

It’s Free!

With Summer coming to an end, so are free outdoor concerts. Afropunk festival marks the end of the summer breeze and loud bass blasting throughout the neighborhood. This free weekend of music and culture is worth experiencing and all you have to do is RSVP here. Keep in mind that spots are limited for the free RSVP, there are also VIP packages available that you can purchase.

Over 50 different Artists Will Be Performing

With over 50 different artists covering various genres, it’s heaven on earth for every music nerd. There are four stages of music on each of the days – the Green Stage, the Gold Stage, the Black Stage and the Red Stage. Whether you’re a metal head, hip-hop connoisseur, indie lover or open to all genres, Afropunk is the place for you.

Ice-T Will Be There!

Rapper, actor, and notable personality Ice-T will be gracing Brooklyn with his swag and his metal band Body Count. Be prepared for a loud and relentless performance from Ice and his crew. They recently finished this summer’s Mayhem Festival and will surely bring some mayhem to Brooklyn. Body Count are set to headline the Red Stage at 7:45pm. The fact that Coco might be there is also a major plus.

Become Part of the Brooklyn Community

Afropunk festival takes place at Commodore Barry Park, located in Fort Greene not too far from the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The space is located on Navy St. between Flushing Avenue and Park Avenue. When you’re at Afropunk, you’re home, so make sure you’re part of this decade long celebrations of music, art and culture.

Unlocking the Truth!

Brooklyn’s own Unlocking the Truth are among the festival’s youngest performers. This trio of two 13-year-olds and a 12-year-old know their way around a stage as they perform heavy breakdowns and rattle eardrums with their metal riffs and thunderous sound. They play on Sunday August 24 at 5:45pm on the Black Stage. Did we mention these teens just signed a huge deal with Sony Records AND they’re headed out on tour with the incomparable Living Color?

The Food

Outside the festival grounds the streets are usually lined with incredible food trucks. Whether it be tacos, artisanal sandwiches or homemade slushies, Afropunk festival can go from musical festivities to all out food porn within a matter of feet. After your ears have had its fill of tunes you can fill your belly with yummy foods.

Experience the Tontons and Other Up-and-Coming Bands

For now indie-rock band the Tontons are a hidden gem but not for long. Songstress Asli Omar is truly infectious and her melodies are captivating. The group is touring in support of their new album Make Out King and Other Stories of Love. Check them out in Brooklyn as they perform on Sunday August 24 on the Green Stage at 2:45pm, and make sure to catch other rising acts like Valerie June, SZA, Cold Specks and more.

Surprise Musical Guest

On Sunday August 24, the headliner for the Green Stage is labeled as “Special Guest.” It’s Brooklyn and it’s Afropunk so you never know who might show up and take the stage. So many DJs, musicians and bands reside in Brooklyn but no matter who the special guest is, it’s surely to be a good time for everyone in attendance.

Afropunk Spin Thrift Market

Besides the music and food, the AfroPunk Spin Thrift Market is a one stop shopping experience for all of your needs. With over 80 local artists covering fashion, handmade crafts and other various pieces art, what’s not to like? Take home a unique piece of AfroPunk for memories. For more information on the market, go here.

Delve into an Abundance of Culture

With all of the tension in Staten Island concerning the tragic death of Eric Garner as well as the fatal shooting in Ferguson of teenager Michael Brown, Afropunk is a silver lining in this time of dimness. The festival is not just about music, food and art - it provides a place of acceptance. All walks of life and lifestyles, color, race, ethnicity all blend together and co-exist.

For all of your concert and festival ticketing needs, with no fees, hit up CHARGED.fm!

Check Out Unlocking the Truth Performing at AfroPunk last year:

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