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Interview: Daniil Brod of Pompeya

by Photo of Elizabeth Ramanand

Pompeya’s Daniil Brod talks inspiration, creativity, plans for new material and more.

Interview: Daniil Brod of Pompeya

Frontman Daniil Brod of Russian pop band Pompeya have been making waves with their Night EP and are set to release an upcoming LP entitled Real. We got a chance to connect with vocalist Daniil Brod who spoke all about Pompeya musical inspirations as well as the band’s process while creating music. Brod also spoke about the music scene growing up in Moscow and the group’s plans on touring the states. Check out our interview with Daniil Brod of Pompeya below.

Talk about the band’s Night EP. What influences the overall sound and lyrics of Pompeya?

We have two sources of inspiration: music from of other bands (mostly 80's hits) and our own music. Just sitting down to jam to some new demos, it is influence itself!

How was the overall creative and recording process for you while making the Night EP?

Usually we start jamming out in in the practice room, using a Mac Pro and drum machines--we create as many songs as necessary for the LP. Then we move forward adding keys, drums, and lyrics. After, we start with live rehearsals and recording in the studio. I guess most of the bands today are doing it like this.

Your sound crosses over genres and decades within music. Are there any new bands that you enjoy listening to? If so, what bands and what makes them interesting to you?

We respect all the new bands that dig the old music too: Blood Orange, Twin shadow, Ariel Pink, Connan Mockasin, The War on Drugs etc.

Growing up in Moscow, talk about the music scene you experienced over there.

We grew up with American and the English scene, there is not much brotherhood between musicians here…not many musicians at all. We have few bands that have become pretty much known around Russia, and we know them all well and we are friends. On an individual basis--those bands grew up on different things they like from west music, I think, although I may be wrong. I can say that hip hop scene, for example, is pretty much connected with each other. I can't say the same about bands like us, in our genre.

Did you go to shows as a kid? If so, was there one show in particular that inspired you to want to do live music?

Sure. When I was 14 years old, I saw awesome shows like Nautilus Pompilius, which was a cult Russian new wave band from 80's, and some other shows like this. Then when I grew up a bit I started to go to punk rock gigs which impressed me a lot. Overall, the live shows never were the main inspiration thing to me--tapes, record always played a major role.

There are a few August tour dates coming up for the band. What is one non-electronic item you must have with you on tour?

A personal pillow!

For anyone who isn’t familiar with Pompeya, how would you describe your music?

All those who grew up on 80's, who love new wave, who respect melodies in the music more than styles--they will probably love our music!

What can we expect from Pompeya for the rest of 2014?

We are preparing for an autumn with a lot of big promos which will include some new singles from our upcoming LP Real and some new cool videos we're working on at this time. There will also be a couple of gigs in NY, Philly, LA and Miami in October and November.

Watch the Video for Pompeya's Track '90' Below:

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