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Osheaga Festival 2014 Photos: Day Three

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Osheaga wrapped up with Arctic Monkeys, AFI, The Replacements and many more.

Osheaga Festival 2014 Photos: Day Three

AFI at Osheaga 2014 - Photo by Rory Biller

Check out Rory Biller's Photos from Osheaga Day One and Day Two

The last day of a music festival is always a bittersweet one. On one hand, you still have an amazing day of musicians performing. On the other hand, that's the final day. No more awesome music, no more sprinting to the stage where the new hot band is playing. No more diets of festival food. It's a tough pill to swallow, but a necessary one. 

Thankfully, the last day of the 2014 Osheaga 2014 Music Festival proved to be a satisfying one, especially when you judge from photographer Rory Biller's excellent photos. We got great images of some of the top bands that closed out the Montreal festival, including Arctic Monkeys, AFI, and The Replacements featuring a very special guest on guitar.

Check out Rory's photos below:

Osheaga 2014 Photos: Day Three

Arctic Monkeys

Gogol Bordello

The Replacements (ft. Billie Joe Armstrong)


Matt Mays

You can follow Rory Biller and check out more of his photography on Twitter and Instagram under the name 'cloneradio'.

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