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Mayhem Festival 2014 - Main Stage: Avenged Sevenfold, Korn, Trivium and Asking Alexandria

by Photo of Elizabeth Ramanand

Avenged Sevenfold, Korn, Asking Alexandria and Trivium took charge of main stage at Mayhem 2014.

Mayhem Festival 2014 - Main Stage: Avenged Sevenfold, Korn, Trivium and Asking Alexandria

The main stage at this year’s Mayhem festival was an eclectic mix to say the least. Avenged Sevenfold headlined the festival while other headlining acts in their own right such as Korn, Asking Alexandria and Trivium supplied support.

Not only did frontman M. Shadows sound incredible, but with their fiery and theatric stage production it’s no surprise at all that they sell out venues everywhere they go. While they started off their set with "Shepherd of Fire" off of their latest release Hail to the King they went into favorites such as "Nightmare" and "Bat Country." The crowd also held up their lighters and phones as the band dedicated "So Far Away" to their late and great drummer Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan. The night came to a close as they performed ‘A Little Piece of Heaven’ off of their 2007 self-titled disc and ‘Unholy Confessions’ from their 2003 album ‘Waking the Fallen.’

Korn had one of the best performances of the entire festival and no matter how long the band has been touring or where they play their energy never fades. Frontman Jonathan Davis puts his heart, soul and sweat onstage when he performs. With Brian “Head” Welch and Munky on guitars there is no limit to the dreadlocked goodness onstage. Bassist Fieldy is always fun to watch onstage, especially since he tied glow in the dark shoelaces to his dreads. Drummer Ray Luzier is a force in his own right behind the kit and adds to the performance as a whole. To top it off Davis brought some of the band’s kids onstage who evidently got their headbanging skills from their dads and a Korn fan even proposed to his girlfriend onstage after their set. With two decades of music and eleven studio albums, Korn puts the younger bands to shame and remain a powerhouse onstage.

Asking Alexandria are fun to watch onstage simply because likelier than not singer Danny Worsnop might be intoxicated. The English band appealed to much of the teens in the crowd who crowd-surfed to new tracks "Don’t Pray For Me," "Run Free," "Moving On," "Killing You" and "The Death of Me" off their latest release from Death to Destiny.

Trivium had much to short of a set as frontman Matt Heafy and the gang kicked things off on Main Stage and completely dominated with their invigorating performance. They performed fresh tracks "Strife" and "Through Blood and Dirt and Bone" off of their latest effort Vengeance Falls. Check out our full photo gallery below.

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Avenged Sevenfold:


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