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Osheaga Festival 2014 Photos: Day One

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Check out photographer Rory Biller’s shots of Outkast, Chromeo, Childish Gambino and more.

Osheaga Festival 2014 Photos: Day One

Outkast at Osheaga - Photo by Rory Biller

The U.S. currently boasts some of the best festivals around, from Bonnaroo to Coachella to Lollapalooza and everything in between. But our friendly neighbors to the North, Canada, also have on of the nicest festivals going. That would be Osheaga, which has now been running for the past nine years and attracting some of the biggest pop, rock and hip-hop acts around. One of the reasons it might fly under the radar here in the States is because it happens to fall around the same time as Lollapalooza.

But that fact doesn't make it any less impressive of a festival. This year boasted an absolutely stacked lineup of great performers across all genres, and photographer Rory Biller has kindly shared his best Osheaga photos with us. Judging from these shots, this was a great day of music. We'll be bringing you his best shots from all three days of the festival, and we'll get things started with his pictures of Outkast, Chromeo, Childish Gambino and Sam Roberts from Day One below.

Osheaga Photos: Day One



Childish Gambino

Sam Roberts

Check back for more of Rory's photos from Osheaga throughout the week. You can follow Rory on Twitter and Instagram under the name 'cloneradio'.

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