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Boston Calling 2014 Recap: Sunday

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

The festival ended on several high notes with ten more amazing performances.

Boston Calling 2014 Recap: Sunday

Modest Mouse at Boston Calling Music Festival

While we would have been fine with the Boston Calling Music Festival lasting for the rest of the summer, it had to come to an end. Still, it went out with a bang. Ten more bands played and sang their hearts out for thousands gathered in the heart of Boston on a beautiful Sunday for the climactic finish to the festival. Modest Mouse closed out the evening with a career-spanning set, and I knew that it was a great day when I heard a potentially inebriated man yelling out this as we all walked out of City Hall Plaza:

"Praise Ja! Everyone get down with Ja! Who here gets down with Ja?!"

We weren't on his level, but we were all still feeling very good after a great day of music. There were no weather mishaps, just sunshine and good times. Let's quickly break down what we saw on Sunday at the Boston Calling Music Festival.

All Photos by Ross Bernhardt  

Best of the Day: Bastille

Bastille at Boston Calling

From the second they stepped on the stage, Bastille absolutely owned all of City Hall Plaza. Dan Smith had the crowd, especially the ladies, wrapped around his fingers. Even the guys in the crowd were hopping on shoulders to get a better look at what was happening up on stage. I had never seen anything quite like it.

At one point during the set, Smith took walk into the crowd, danced with fans, walked back, got up on stage and then finished the song. I had never really seen anything like that on such a large scale while the performer was still singing (and sounding fantastic).

They obviously saved their mega-hit "Pompeii" for last, and the crowd pretty much exploded once the chorus came. Bastille gave a monumental performance and showed why they are going to be big players at festivals for years to come.

Best Surprise: Tigerman Whoa

Tigerman Whoa at Boston Calling Music Festival

Don't ever judge a book by its cover. When four bearded men walked out onto the stage in practically nothing but overalls, I was a bit nervous. But Tigerman Whoa put on one of the more enjoyable sets of the entire festival. It was some of the rowdiest and rambunctious folk/punk rock I had ever heard, but it had everyone dancing and having a good time. The band members were all clearly enjoying themselves, and watching them have that much fun was quite contagious. I would love to party with this Fall River band.

Most Nostalgic: Modest Mouse

Modest Mouse at Boston Calling Music Festival

Ever since I first heard "Float On" (I'm not that big of a die-hard like some Modest Mouse fans), I'd been dying to see Modest Mouse in concert. It finally happened a decade later. Isaac Brock brings so much power to all of his songs, even the softer ones. And while he didn't play all of their greatest hits (No "Gravity Moves Everything" had me a little down), they played "Float On," and that was the only thing I needed to complete my nostalgia trip. Brock still has it.

Most Effortless: Built to Spill/Kurt Vile

Kurt Vile at Boston Calling Music Festival

It was hard to tell which band was more blasé about their live performance: Built To Spill or Kurt Vile. Both acts almost could have passed for asleep or motionless or uninvested, even though they were both playing fine music. Impressive, but still sort of disorienting sets.

Most Potential: The Box Tiger

The Box Tiger at Boston Calling Music Festival

While The Box Tiger don't quite have the stage banter down yet, their music really made an impact. Lead vocalist and guitarist Sonia Sturino has a vocal that reminds me a lot of Karen O. It's sultry and powerful yet mysterious. The rest of the band rocked, too. They are a bit raw, but I could definitely see this band climbing the ranks in a few years.

Cutest Set: Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara at Boston Calling Music Festival

Even though these twin indie darlings can sing about some super depressing things, but dammit if they aren't the cutest things ever. Their banter with fans is adorable, too, and all of the songs off their latest album Heartthrob are perfect pop tunes to enjoy in the company of others. 

Most Courteous: Brand New

Brand New at Boston Calling Music Festival

Rarely do you see a band put out a nice flower on the microphone stand AND light some incense, but that's exactly what Brand New did before they came out and rocked our socks. After three days of running from stage to stage, things were getting a little smelly. But thank goodness the boys from Brand New had the foresight to improve the air quality.

In addition to their gestures, the band also turned in an absolutely killer set that eventually ended with the near destruction of some of the equipment on stage. But we always have the incense.

Passes for the September edition of Boston Calling are on sale! For more information about the festival, head to BostonCalling.com!

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