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PeterPalooza 3 Rocks Best Buy Theater

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Schoolboy Q, Action Bronson and Danny Brown helped celebrate Peter Rosenberg’s birthday in NYC.

PeterPalooza 3 Rocks Best Buy Theater

Last Wednesday, Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg gathered some of the biggest names in hip-hop to celebrate his birthday with the third annual Peterpalooza. Schoolboy Q, Action Bronson, Danny Brown, Ab-Soul, and appearances by Vic Mensa, Joell Ortiz, G-Eazy and others highlighted the evening. A quick rundown of some of the highlights:

• Action Bronson probably got the biggest and most palpable response from the crowd. The Queens native is literally and figuratively a larger-than-life figure on stage. Somehow his presence alone just inspires energy from the audience, and people were so amped when he ambled on the stage. Bronson was a little livelier than when I saw him at Irving Plaza back in January. I finally witnessed him venture into the crowd, where he climbed up the railing and rapped with some very lucky fans before finally hopping over and returning to the stage.

• Bronson actually debuted a new track off his forthcoming album, and it sounded really, really tight. Big Body just stood with a fist raised while he jammed to the audio with the rest of us. Check out a snippet of the preview he gave the crowd in a fan-shot video below:

• While Big Body might have had the crowd wrapped around his fingers, I think I was most impressed with Danny Brown. I wasn't ready for how explosive a performer he is. Brown was all over the stage and still able to pull off all his rhymes and punchlines. That really stood out to me, since most of the rappers on the evening relied on backing tracks. Brown probably rapped the most of all the performers.

He performed a bunch of songs off of his critically-acclaimed 2013 album Old in addition to coming out earlier in the evening and performing with Ab-Soul. I was expecting to get a really good performance, but Brown really outdid himself with a super tight set that was unrelenting and quite entertaining.

• Schoolboy Q headlined the festivities, and I was quite impressed with him, too. Q definitely had his hold over the audience, playing a solid mix of tracks off his newest album Oxymoron. Q was also lyrically dextrous and not overly-reliant on the backing tracks, which was refreshing to see. I was pumped that he played both "Collared Greens" and "Hands on the Wheel" so early in his set, but was obviously a little disappointed when the features on those tracks (Kendrick Lamar and A$AP Rocky, respectively) didn't make their way to the stage.

• The most cringe-inducing moment of the evening had to be when Rosenberg brought out G-Eazy. The crowd barely acknowledged the Oakland rapper when he performed his single "I Mean It," and he even tried to play it off. But it was highly awkward watching him implore the crowd to get into things without any response but a few boos and calls for Action Bronson to come on the stage. Rough one for G-Eazy.

Aside from that, the night was a very, very good time. All of the main acts got the crowd going and helped celebrate another year in Peter Rosenberg's life as a tastemaker in hip-hop. 

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