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Tour de France Update

by Photo of Kevin Leonard

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike.

Tour de France Update

The Tour de France is, to the average person, a bunch of guys riding bikes. 

The Tour de France is, to the average sports enthusiast, a bunch of blood-doping guys riding bikes.

I'm not arguing with either group.

Regardless, this epic race, once called "NASCAR for civilized people" is cycled over 21 days, and covers a ridiculous 2,200+ miles. That's the distance of the Appalachian Trail. The tour flows throughout France, and has a number of interesting traditions, including color-coded jerseys to indicate time leader, points leader, youth leader, and best climber (my favorite - a white shirt with red polka dots).

The Tour is a brutal endurance test. Although "fitness" sports like track and field and cycling are unfortunately (and rightly) watched with jaded eyes, you can't help but stand in awe of an athletic achievement like the Tour de France, no matter who might be doping to get through it.

Here are the leaders through 10 stages:

1. VOECKLER Thomas 181 TEAM EUROPCAR 42h 06' 32"  
2. SANCHEZ Luis-Leon 47 RABOBANK CYCLING TEAM 42h 08' 21" + 01' 49"
3. EVANS Cadel 141 BMC RACING TEAM 42h 08' 58" + 02' 26"
4. SCHLECK Frank 18 TEAM LEOPARD-TREK 42h 09' 01" + 02' 29"
5. SCHLECK Andy 11 TEAM LEOPARD-TREK 42h 09' 09" + 02' 37"
6. MARTIN Tony 175 HTC - HIGHROAD 42h 09' 10" + 02' 38"
7. VELITS Peter 179 HTC - HIGHROAD 42h 09' 10" + 02' 38"
8. KLÖDEN Andréas 74 TEAM RADIOSHACK 42h 09' 15" + 02' 43"
9. GILBERT Philippe 32 OMEGA PHARMA - LOTTO 42h 09' 27" + 02' 55"
10. FUGLSANG Jakob 13 TEAM LEOPARD-TREK 42h 09' 40" + 03' 08"

For full standings and results, go to the official site. For a crazy video, look below.

<iframe width="480" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/U3p0dmeecwE" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

The great thing about watching cycling is that it's free. So are marathons. Get out there and support committed athletes everywhere! Or even better, get out there yourself. Here's an awesome way to get involved and off your tuchus: Tour de Force.

To go see something else crazy, get to the X Games with Charged.fm.

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