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Sarah Rosado Creates Musician's Portraits Out of Cornflakes

by Photo of Jas Pybas

Music has never tasted so good with Rosado’s cereal art.

Sarah Rosado Creates Musician's Portraits Out of Cornflakes

New York-based self-taught photographer and illustrator Sarah Rosado has created something intriguing with the most boring brand of American breakfast cereal.

In an interview with Yahoo, Rosado explained that the brainchild of making musical celebrity portraits out of corn flakes came to her when she was eating breakfast one morning while listening to R&B. The phrase "music has never tasted so good" entered her head.

It begins with a quick sketch of the artist she wants to depict, and then a carefully aligns the cornflakes accordingly. One portrait takes approximately 5 hours to create, and there is meticulous crafting of individual cornflakes with a pin to add detail to a nose, eye, or John Lennon's glasses.

Rosado has made portraits of Elvis Presley, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Michael Jackson, Drake, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, and several others.

"I love creating and and experimenting with new ideas and challenging myself. It's a drive that pushes me to a different level each time which is very rewarding," she said.



Michael Jackson

Elvis Presley

John Lennon

You can check out Sarah Rosado cornflake art, and other collections she's done on her website.

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