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Top 10 Weird Al Yankovic Songs

by Photo of Theodore Liggians

Weird Al has been at it for decades but still remains relevant and funny. Here’s the best of the best.

Top 10 Weird Al Yankovic Songs

Weird Al Yankovic has been making music for more years than many of us have been alive but he still has the magic to make hilarious and entertaining parodies.

Weird Al just released Mandatory Fun and has been releasing music videos from the album every day this week. So far he has released videos of his parodies for Pharrell Williams's "Happy" called "Tacky," Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" called "Word Crimes," Lorde's "Royals" called "Foil," and Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" now turned "Handy."

With this being the "Week of Weird Al", we have to look back at his top 10 songs. This is a nearly impossible task since the man has put out 11 studio albums. But we made the difficult decisions and narrowed the list down to 10. Here it is.

Smells Like Nirvana

Nirvana fans might have been mad at Weird Al for this parody to "Smells Like Teen Spirit" but you have to admit that it is funny. You barely can understand the lyrics and he took full advantage of that.

Another Tattoo

His spin on B.o.B and Bruno Mars's "Nothing On You" was unexpected but still hilarious. The original song was played on every station when it was released so it was great when Weird Al made his parody.

Party In The CIA

I loved Miley Cyrus's "Party In The USA" since it was a song that you would catch yourself singing unexpectedly, but Al's version is so much better. The fact that he sounds so much like Miley is the funniest part.

Dare To Be Stupid

"Dare To Be Stupid" wasn't a parody but it took a hit at music pop and rock music of the 80s. In the video everyone has outfits like the ones DEVO were sporting back in their time, and he perfectly mimicked their pop style here.

Polka Face

Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" meets Al's staple polka music. Genius. It mixes the song so you hear the most catchy parts of the original then it throws in the chorus from a bunch of other songs.

White & Nerdy

This was the first Weird Al song I heard and it caught me completely off guard. A parody to Chamillionaire's "Ridin" that was funny because of stereotypical descriptions and visuals of a nerd. [Note cameos in the video from Key and Peele and Donny Osmond.]

Amish Paradise

The song is so funny that you kind of feel like you're offending someone for laughing since it's a parody about the Amish. It's a parody to Coolio's "Gangster's Paradise", and Coolio himself was originally upset at the parody. That's power.

The Saga Begins

Star Wars fans probably went crazy and enjoyed this parody of Don McClean's "American Pie." I went crazy for the original song and the Star Wars lyrics.

Eat It

His Michael Jackson parodies were his best. "Eat It" was his adaptation of "Beat It" that redid the final fight sequence of the two men bound together with a rubber chicken.


This was Weird Al's best parody and one of Michael Jackson's most known songs. Even if you are not a Weird Al fan you've heard this song once or twice. Not even Jackson was safe from the parodies.

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