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The Global Citizen Festival has Revealed Their Incredible Lineup

by Photo of Astrid Hall

The good-cause festival has landed Jay-Z, Tiesto, No Doubt and more in the spirit of activism.

The Global Citizen Festival has Revealed Their Incredible Lineup

The Global Citizen Festival is back and with a rather impressive lineup of acts. 

This years Central Park-homed festival takes place on Saturday September 27th and will be featuring performances by Jay Z, No Doubt, Carrie Underwood, Fun, The Roots and Tiesto

The festival takes place on the great lawn and has played host to some truly talented artists, including the likes of Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys and Foo Fighters. Tickets for the festival are free, but there's a slight catch. 

Well, it's not so much a catch as it is a way to encourage people to take action and change the world. The idea is that you 'earn' your ticket, so you pay for it in a less materialistic way. Step one is to sign up to become a Global citizen. 

From here you receive email updates on how to make an impact and build up your points to then earn yourself a ticket to the festival. Points can be earned by signing petitions for important causes, sending out Tweets of a specific nature and basically educating yourself on the injustices that are continually taking place around the world. 

Once you have earned your eight points, you are entered into a draw and from there you may get the chance to attend the incredible and unique one-day only festival. 

The concept is an inspirational and beneficial system that allows citizens to give back to the community. More information can be found at the Global Citizen website and even if you aren't interested in attending the festival, it is still a time-worthy cause. 

Want great tickets but hate paying fees? Check CHARGED.fm to find tickets for less and NO FEES!

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