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Four Year Strong 'Go Down in History' EP Review

by Photo of Astrid Hall

We have a listen to Four Year Strong’s latest EP

Four Year Strong 'Go Down in History' EP Review

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Editor's Note: This band kicks some serious ass and in a really fun way. - Ross

Four Year Strong are releasing their new EP, Go Down In History, on July 22nd. With the band currently performing on the mainstage at the Vans Warped Tour, and it being their first new release since their 2011 album, In Some Way Shape or Form, we felt it more than appropriate to give the new EP a listen.

After waiting patiently for the track to stream, I was caught off guard with my headphone volume up high and a sudden blast of music ringing in my ear; it certainly woke me up!

The first track "What's in the Box?" has a nifty 'poppy' beat that makes it catchy but the rhythm guitar and drums give it that punk essence that Four Year Strong produce. Angry is a given in this track but it isn't overly 'screamo', although it starts to conclude with a more extreme and heavy riff before breaking back into the chorus and finishing with one last blast of chaos.

"Living Proof of a Stubborn Youth" follows, with a burst of energy but a messier undertone. The track echoes the title brilliantly as it becomes the sort of song you can head bang, mosh and create unstoppable anarchy to.

Next up is "Tread Lightly" with a 'galloping' percussion that slows a little for the chorus but catches itself back up again. This track has a nice variation of tempos and some nice harmonies following the bridge, which gives this particular genre a cool twist. However, the song bares some resemblance to the final track of the EP, "So You're Saying There's a Chance".

"So You're Saying There's a Chance" sounds a little more 'mixed-up' than the other tracks. It strongly mirrors moments of "Tread Lightly" and, if you skip between the two tracks, they have similar tones. The only real difference is the dip into a brief 'screamo-esque' moment near the 1:17 mark, but the track quite quickly reverts back.

The second to last track, "Go Down in History", and title track of the EP, keeps to Four Year Strong's very obvious riff and structural theme. It contains a simple little bridge with a modest build and encompasses the EP as a clearly defined genre.

Overall, the EP contains that classic pop-punk/hardcore elated angry energy that makes it such a good listen. Despite some moments of theme repetition, this style of music doesn't look to be so diverse, as it keeps to it's style and this works well.

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