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Ex-Bedroom Producer Lil Silva Releases 'Mabel'

by Photo of Jas Pybas

Underground U.K. producer is gaining popularity after years of collaborating and searching for his own sound.

Ex-Bedroom Producer Lil Silva Releases 'Mabel'

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Born and raised in the small, scenic town of Bedford about 50 miles north of London, underground rapper Lil Silva (formerly TJ Carter) produced music in his makeshift bedroom studio since the age of 9. Fifteen years later, the still young but musically matured artist teamed with popular L.A. soul singer BANKS on her song 'Goddess' (which was the most shared song on Spotify UK a few weeks ago), potentially kicking off Lil Silva's fame. He recently released the track 'Mabel' off of his new EP Mabel coming out August 4, a work he can truly claim as his own after years of producing and collaborating.

Lil Silva's first officially released 2008 album Seasons/Funky Flex was mostly heavy bass and soca-themed, which caused quite an uproar on the dance floor and granted him a pedestal in the UK funky scene. He expressed the album was just something to pass the time as he constructed his own idiosyncratic sound as a producer. Nonetheless, it provided him a foundational fan base and a recognizable name.

His musical flare came naturally as it progressively engulfed his lifestyle, also serving as an outlet of emotional expression. "I keep my emotions to myself, so whatever is going on in my mind that day I put that into a track," he explained.

It begins quietly, and perhaps a bit sadly, with a series of sampled vocals and his own tenor voice chanting "Your love will fade away" echoing alongside a mellow introduction. A rapid-fire hi-hat and techno synth enters, adjusting the calm attitude with something reminiscent of what you'd hear at a dance club. An intricate mixture of beats and synths vary for about a minute, eliminating predictability. The song dips down back again into the sad quiet, before climaxing again and ending with dominant drums and lingering vocals in the background.

One can certainly gather that this track was not mindlessly thrown together, but pieced with thought and genuine creativity, reinforced with a healthy dose of emotion. Although the influence of years of DJ-ing at clubs is present, it is not intended as a club track, nor should it be treated as one. It is the full-blown expression of a passionate young artist, a graduate from bedroom production.

Listen to 'Mabel' here:

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