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'Along the Way' by David Rosales [Review]

by Photo of Natalie Sacks

Rosales’s sophomore EP tells relatable love stories through a variety of musical genres.

'Along the Way' by David Rosales [Review]

Photo by Dori Savino Lawrence

David Rosales is a country singer/songwriter who makes singing and playing guitar seem as easy as breathing. This new talent put out his first solo album, Smile, in 2012, and is back now with his sophomore EP Along the Way. Released on June 17, this compilation of songs lives in the border between folk and country, but draws influences from genres as diverse as blues, indie pop and rock as well. 

His laid-back, simple melodies allow him to tell stories with his music, stories about the magic of love and enjoying the moment while it lasts ("Slice of Life") and fighting for the one you love ("Not Playing to Lose"). "Amelie's Song" plays as one long prayer, a promise to "protect you from the world outside / Show you all that’s wrong and right / And when the time comes for you to fight / I will be there with you by your side."

David Rosales: Folk, Country and More

Rosales's album is all about love, but despite similar themes in all of the songs, the style of music changes across the album. The opening two tracks, "Too Young to Know Better" and "Slice of Heaven" have a youthful folk sound, with pop back beats that bring some energy to the slow melodies. 

The next three songs are classic country, with finger-picking on the guitar and banjo and harmonica in the background. The rollicking melody of "Amelie's Song" and typical metaphor of "love is a dangerous game" in "Strike Gold" show Rosales can draw from his country roots as well. While not the most original of themes, these melodies have an earnestness to them that keeps you interested.

Experimenting with Style

It is the final two tracks, however, that you find out what makes this EP special. My favorite song, "Appleton," is a jazzy blues number featuring such inventive lyrics as "Lying next to me a Castilian princess naked, well, as could be / I’ve still got that lingering scent of cocoa rum on my breath." The final track, "Crashing Down," meanwhile features the electric guitar reverb of a traditional rock anthem even as it is infused with Rosales's country style.

In just seven songs, David Rosales has covered a range of genres and proved just how much he can do. A storyteller as much as a singer, hopefully we will soon see him branch out to sing about an equally diverse range of topics. For now, enjoy the love songs. And if you want to see more, Rosales has just released the music video for "Too Young to Know Better." Check it out!

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