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Jack White Sets Records With Hologram Vinyl

by Photo of Jas Pybas

Jack White’s ‘Lazaretto’ vinyl is setting records and turning heads.

Jack White Sets Records With Hologram Vinyl

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It's been a very successful summer for Jack White, who is currently No. 1 on the Billboard 200 charts with his newest album Lazaretto. This week, he set records in vinyl sales for the album. The vinyl sold 40,000 copies during the week of June 15, surpassing the previous record set by Pearl Jam's Vitalogy which solid 34,000 copies during its release in 1994. 

White's vinyl has some unique distinctions that may have piqued consumer curiosity. For starters, the vinyl has a hologram of a spinning angel designed by Tristan Duke of Infinity Light Science, a 3-D imaging/photography expert known for his work at the Museum of Jurassic Technology in Los Angeles, California. Underneath the label are two hidden vinyl-only tracks, one at 78RPM and the other at 45RPM making it a three-speed vinyl. Side A is played from the inside-out (traditional vinyls play from the outside-in), and an electric and acoustic version of the track "Just One Drink" can be played depending on where the needle is dropped.

In a video by White's own label Third Man Records explaining the vinyl's characteristics, White said, "While we were mixing the record, I started to get ideas about the design of the LP and what we could do differently that hadn't been done before and we've put them through our whole creative hive here and talked to the pressing plant to see what things we can get away with, what we could try to pull off. We pulled off a lot of interesting ideas we contained in this one LP."

The holographic vinyl is the very first of its kind, potentially revolutionizing and boosting the vinyl market which has just recently started growing a few years ago. The vinyl offers a unique experience for those seeking more from their music, and Jack White has opened the doors for inspiration.

Watch Jack White go over the design of the Lazaretto LP here:

White will be doing plenty of touring this summer. Check out all of Jack White's 2014 tour dates right here.

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