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Lana del Rey Releases Third Album

by Photo of Jas Pybas

Lana del Rey’s third album ‘Ultraviolence,’ produced by Dan Auerbach, races to the top of the charts.

Lana del Rey Releases Third Album

Lana del Rey, 27, released her third debut album Ultraviolence on June 13, produced by The Black Keys' frontman Dan Auerbach. The album was highly anticipated when it was announced, especially because del Rey insisted she was not going to continue making solo albums after selling 1 million copies of Born to Die in 2012, bashed for being inauthentic and just another product of music industry money-makers. The release of "West Coast" back in April was intended to be the lead single of the album, and successfully hit the iTunes top charts.

Her album circulates around the themes of money, power, fame, and tumultuous love, and it seems to have completely ditched hip-hop beats and gravitated more towards orchestrations and melodies. That can be attributed to Auerbach's fundamental approach to production. There is plenty of musical influence in several of the tracks, channeling Stevie Nicks' 1982 solo hit "Edge of Seventeen" in "West Coast" and wallowing over a destructive relationship with bluesy undertones in "Cruel World".

Ultraviolence has gotten mixed, and in a lot of cases polarized, reviews. Jon Pareles from the New York Times said in an interview that the album "reaches deeper into her slow-motion sense of time, her blend of retro sophistication and seemingly guileless candor. It also moves gracefully between heartache and sly humor, sometimes within the same song." A more lukewarm review by Greg Kot from the Chicago tribune described it as "all over-the-top, exacerbated by its narcotized atmosphere: druggy, draggy tempos and druggier singing... [it] almost qualifies as a parody. Unfortunately there's not enough punch in the songs to make listeners care whether she's joking or not."

As the debate over whether Lana del Rey is an authentic, musically-talented artist or another one of the music industry's silly druggy divas continues, she just hit #1 on the U.K. charts (again) and is climbing in the U.S.

Watch her music video for the hit single "West Coast" from Ultraviolence here:

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