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San Antonio Spurs Dismantle the Miami Heat in 5 Games

by Photo of Alex Madrazo

San Antonio captures its 5th NBA title in franchise history. Relive it with these videos.

San Antonio Spurs Dismantle the Miami Heat in 5 Games

362 days. That's how long it had been for the San Antonio Spurs after last year's epic collapse in Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals in which they blew a 5-point lead with 28 seconds left to the defending champion Miami Heat ultimately costing themselves a 5th NBA championship in team history. That was the first time in the Gregg Popovich Era that a Spurs team blew a 3-2 series lead.

Many within the Spurs organization had been on the record saying that motivation and revenge weren't the driving force coming into this season but lets be realistic here. On day one of training camp, Pop brought his team into the film room, showed them Game 6 of last year's finals in its entirety along with Game 7 and told them to remember that feeling for the entire season. I don't know about you but that action alone proves that not only did the Spurs want to avenge last years heartbreaking loss, but they wanted the path to the title to go through Miami because they believed the title was stolen from them.

And rightly so. Everyone wrote this team off saying there was no way that San Antonio would win another championship yet alone make it out of the Western Conference finals again. But that's how badly they wanted to play the Heat and boy did they make the most out of that opportunity. The Spurs tore through the Heat in just 5 games and closed out the series at home with a 104-87 win in last night's clinching Game 5. Check NBA.com's amazing Finals recap video below.

What if I told you before these NBA Finals began that Kawhi Leonard would be your Finals MVP? Most of you would have thought I was crazy and losing my mind. In my previous article "What to Watch for in Game 3 of the NBA Finals" where I made my pre-finals pick SPURS IN 6, I said that the X-factor for the Spurs in order to win the championship this year (besides Boris Diaw) was Kawhi Leonard. He finished 2nd in Most Improved Player during the regular season (to Indiana Pacers guard Lance Stephenson), and the 22-year-old forward now had the stage to emerge as a star and future face of the organization.

Leonard played two forgettable games to start the series, but he closed it with a bang. Not only did he do an exceptional job defensively on the four-time MVP LeBron James, but his coming out party offensively in Games 3 through 5 helped propel the Spurs' offense. They put on an absolute clinic picking apart the Heat's defense, and Leonard's shooting and slashing helped open things up. Here is the video showing the best moments of Leonard throughout these NBA finals.

See how great Leonard was in Game 5.

As for Game 5 itself, let's all be frank here: the Miami Heat got humiliated, beat down, punked, embarrassed and their hearts ripped out of their chests for the 3rd straight game in a row. Miami jumped out of the gate and took a commanding 16-2 lead within the first 3 minutes. The Spurs methodically chipped away with their exceptional ball movement and lights-out shooting. They proceeded to go on a 50-20 run from midway thru the 1st quarter until about halfway thru the 3rd quarter.  

A big reason for that was the bench (who has come up clutch in big moments all season long) which at one point outscored Miami's bench 22-2. From that point on it was only a matter of time before the final buzzer sounded and the Spurs finally captured that elusive fifth NBA title. Check out the Game 5 highlights below.

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