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Rodney Carrington and Ron White Carry On

by Photo of Michelle Bair

The comedic duo pair up for a performance and reunion.

Rodney Carrington and Ron White Carry On

Last month Ron White had the opportunity to perform with his longtime friend Rodney Carrington. The two paired up in Chicago at Just For Laughs comedy festival, where both big-time comedians made their debut years ago.  Their performance highlighted the six-day festival that featured chief comedians, including Steve Martin, George Lopez, Whitney Cummings and Jim Breuer.  Heightening their careers at the festival in Montreal, White and Carrington bounced on the chance to be on stage again together this year. In a recent article by CMT News, Carrington said he is proof that Just For Laughs festival can be a turning point in a young comic’s career.

"The only reason I'm doing the Chicago festival is because of its connection to Just for Laughs," White stated in an article by CMT News. "They treated me so good when I was absolutely nobody.”

White said that he and Carrington have been friends forever, and they have always wanted to do something together.

“So we decided this is what it would be,” he said “And I thought, 'Well, yeah, this will be a blast.'"

Does having a blast with Rodney Carrington sound like a way you want to spend your Saturday night? You can tomorrow! Carrington will be performing at 7 p.m. at 777 Casino Ave. in Thackerville, Oklahoma.

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