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The Kauffman Stadium Experience - Kansas City

by Photo of Adam Cheshier

Kauffman Stadium gives you a hometown feel that is second-to-none in Major League Baseball.

The Kauffman Stadium Experience - Kansas City

Being out at the ballpark and watching a baseball game is quite possibly as close as it gets to heaven on earth. There is nothing in the world that compares to a baseball stadium coming alive at the moment of a big play. You can't halt the chills that fall down your spine every time it happens.

It's a place to escape the stress and pressure of your outside life. It's a place to relax and enjoy yourself. Finally, it's a place to enjoy the greatest game on Earth: baseball. No matter where you are watching baseball, the game doesn't change. However, the feeling you get from where you are watching makes all the difference.

In 2007, Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri underwent a $250 million renovation, making it one of the nicest ballparks in the country. "The K" as it has come to be known over the years has hosted two All-Star Games, two World Series, and many playoff games. That kind of history gives a place plenty of tradition.

The experience starts with a good, ole' fashioned, Kansas City parking lot tailgate. I say Kansas City tailgate because Kauffman is unique in that not many stadiums get to see fans tailgating before they head inside to watch a baseball game. However, it's just a normal thing for Kansas City fans.

The parking lot is always buzzing when the Royals are in town. Half the car speakers are blasting music and the other half are tuned into sports talk-radio, listening in to hear the starting lineups get announced. That is all a part of the tradition in Kansas City that has made Kauffman Stadium so unique.

You will get the chills as you are walking through the parking lot to the stadium when all you can hear is the public address voice making all of the pre-game announcements. At that moment, the hype just takes control of your body and you can't help the overwhelming happiness that comes over you.

As you enter the stadium, the first thing you notice that is only to be found inside Kauffman Stadium is the amazing "Crown Vision" video scoreboard. The high-definition screen is 84 ft. wide and 105 ft. tall, and was, at the time it entered service in 2008, the largest video scoreboard in the world. "Crown Vision", along with the glorious stadium fountains, is what makes Kauffman Stadium what it is.

As you reach your seat, you are surrounded by a ton of strangers and can't help but feel smothered by them. As the game progresses, however, they become your best friends, if only for the night. Because when it's all said and done, you only care about one thing: seeing a victory from your hometown team.

After the game, you stay seated and are treated to a Kauffman Stadium-original firework show. Nothing says 'summer nights' quite like fireworks on a baseball field in the middle of June.

All of this coming together in one night gives the fan a feeling that is indescribable. The experience of watching a game at Kauffman Stadium is second-to-none. The hometown feel of "The K" is unlike any other stadium in baseball.

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