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Boston Calling 2014 Recap: Walk Off The Earth

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

I got a lot more than I was expecting from this band that exploded thanks to YouTube.

Before I saw them at Boston Calling, all I knew about Walk Off The Earth was that they were the band that had five people playing one guitar while singing Gotye's huge hit "Somebody I Used To Know." I was sort of surprised by their presence on the lineup as I didn't know there was much else to the band besides that slightly gimmicky cover. A few songs in, I knew why the band was here.

Walk Off The Earth brought a massively organized and engaging stage show. All of the members of the group (outside of the drummer) swapped instruments and provided harmonies with gusto. There are choreographed maneuvers and fist pumps and chants, and even the stage crew got into the act by joining the band for choruses. The crew members even wore shirts that read:

"Have You Rocked Your Ass Off Today?"

There was an almost overbearing sentiment of positivity throughout the set, but the inspirational nature of everything had a resounding impact on the audience. They joined along and cheered wildly the whole time as the band played songs that we knew (like the Gotye cover) and things we might not have known. But it all sounded fabulous, and it goes to show you that it doesn't matter how you get there. These guys deserve to be entertaining crowds like this because they are just that good at it.

Tickets are on sale for the September edition of Boston Calling now! For more information (like the lineup, etc.) head to www.bostoncalling.com and be sure to check back for more coverage of this year's Boston Calling Music Festival.

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