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Three Potential Impact Rangers in Game 2

by Photo of Gil Santos

These three Rangers can help tie the series up in Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Final.

Three Potential Impact Rangers in Game 2

The New York Rangers missed a huge opportunity to steal Game 1 on the road after they blew an early 2-0 lead. While losing Game 2 will not be a complete catastrophe, 2-0 is a steep hill to climb especially against an elite team like the Los Angeles Kings

Henrik Lundqvist and Carl Hagelin made a huge impact for the Rangers in Game 1, but they'll need much more help to tie this series. Here are three players to watch for in Game 2:

1. Rick Nash

Nash knows the pressure is on him to perform. He has been great at penalty killing and doing the "little things. But, the Rangers did not trade for him to do just the little things. They acquired him to score goals. While he did tally up three in the last series against the Montreal Canadiens, the Rangers need more from their star. Nash was practically invisible in Game 1 and when he did have the puck, he tried to be too fancy with it. He has to keep it simple and just shoot. The cross hairs will be on him if the Rangers don't win the Cup and he doesn't make an impact. I expect Nash to to put in a strong effort in Game 2.

2. Mats Zuccarello

Zuccarello was very aggressive in his approach in Game 1. He wasn't shy getting pucks in front of the net. The Rangers generated 15 shot attempts while he was on the ice, which was third most on the team. His aggressiveness and speed could play a critical part in Game 2. Carl Hagelin got behind the Kings' defense with his skating ability and Zuccarello can do the same and to more effectiveness because he has superior skill.  

3. Ryan McDonagh

In my opinion, McDonagh was the best defenseman on the ice in Game 1. While Drew Doughty will get the praise for his flashy goal, McDonagh was superb on the back end for the Rangers. He was dangerous at times on the power play, but had a pretty quiet night on offense. Look for coach Alain Vigneault to give McDonagh and the other Rangers' defensemen the green light to be more aggressive offensively. This will give McDonagh the opportunity to shine more and I think he will seize the moment. 

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