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Boston Calling 2014 Recap: Bastille

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

The London group was one of the highlights of the festival. Check out the photo gallery!

In my opinion, the act that got the biggest response from the crowd at Boston Calling a couple weeks ago was Bastille. Initially, the screaming girls in the front row provided much of the excitement. But as the show went on, the enthusiasm slowly spread throughout the entire crowd thanks to the band's infectious energy. 

You know how I could tell that the crowd was REALLY into this show? There were plenty of girls on shoulders trying to get a better view of the stage, but there were also several instances of guys getting on other guys' shoulders looking to get an extra boost. I have never seen anything like it, and I don't know when I will again.

But it wasn't hard to see why everyone was getting amped up. Bastlle flat-out put on a great show. It starts with lead singer Dan Smith, who is just indomitable on stage. He uses all of his real estate emphatically, and when the stage wasn't enough, he spent an entire song walking into the crowd and then dancing with them while he sang. And by the time they closed things out with "Pompeii," all of City Hall Plaza was jumping up and down and chanting along with the group. 

All of the hype surrounding this band was justified in my eyes, and they are going to be on the scene for many years to come, especially with more performances like that.

Bastille at Boston Calling

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