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Odesza Drops the Beats at Knitting Factory [Photos]

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Along with Beat Culture, Odesza lit up Brooklyn a couple weekends ago.

Odesza Drops the Beats at Knitting Factory [Photos]

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I saw Seattle production tandem Odesza for the second time a couple of weeks ago at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, NY. The first time I saw them, back on Valentine's Day, they played the expansive Best Buy Theater (capacity of 2,100). The Knitting Factory holds about 300 people, so this was a truly intimate show compared to the previous concert. I was interested to see how the atmosphere might change with the smaller venue.

The atmosphere wasn't that much different, but everything felt so much more intense and present. I was in the front row for both shows, and everything just hit a little bit harder knowing that I was in a much smaller space. You could feel the energy of the entire space instead of just the section you were in, and Odesza kept the place pulsing.

Both Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight are very emphatic on stage, aggressively attacking their kits and even drum machines, which was a pleasant addition to the show. There weren't many bells and whistles in terms of a stage production. There were some graphics displayed in the back, the pair were kept in relative darkness, and that was it. They kept things moving with some new material (which sounded great) and played all of the standbys like "iPlayYouListen", "My Friends Never Die" and "Without You." They interacted a lot more with the crowd too, because in a space of this size, you have a greater opportunity to personalize the show. And man was the crowd dancing. People were getting really into what the pair was putting down, and it made for an amazing set.

Starting the evening off was Beat Culture, and his brand of production was a perfect way to warm the crowd up for the main act. The thing that really elevated the live show for them was the presence of a live drummer. I always appreciate the addition of actual instrumentation to mixes. It makes everything that much more organic, and it definitely lifted things. There were a couple issues with transitions, but for the most part, it was a very enjoyable set. The drummer even mocked a teenager in the crowd that was wearing illuminated gloves, which is what I wished I could have done the entire evening.

Check out some photos from the show and make sure to give Odesza a look when they come to your city or town. You won't be disappointed.


Beat Culture

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