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Rangers Tickets on the Rise: Because it's The Cup

by Photo of Tommy Dee

Poised to make their first finals since 1994, Rangers fans are pushing the ticket market in a big way

Rangers Tickets on the Rise: Because it's The Cup

I've written plenty about the other team that plays in Madison Square Garden over the years, but truth be told I'm a huge fan of the New York Rangers as well. A big fan. I remember the dream year of 1994 like it was yesterday and if you were to offer me free tickets on center court to a Knicks or Rangers playoff game, I'd be hard-pressed not to snag the ones on center ice first. There's nothing quite like the chill in the air and the sight of a fresh layer of ice before some of the world's best athletes bounce on it an accelerate into warmups. 

When Mark Messier came to New York he had one mission in mind, and that was to destroy the 54-year curse that loomed over the Garden. No young peeps, the curse wasn't the birth of James Dolan, but it was bestowed upon the franchise by another one-time owner Red Dutton. Per Wiki.

"Dutton had resigned the league presidency with the intention of reviving the Amerks. However, the league, with the encouragement of Garden management, reneged on a longstanding promise to allow the Amerks to return. A bitter Dutton declared that the Rangers would never win the Cup for as long as he lived. He died in 1987 at 88. At that time, the Rangers were in their 47th season without having won the Cup."

With the Knicks long gone from any playoff discussions and baseball season slow out of the gate with crappy weather, the Rangers impromptu Cup run behind the incredible goaltending of fan favorite Henrik Lundqvist set the ticket market ablaze with buzz. It's safe to say tonight's game is the hottest ticket in town as a victory over the Canadians would increase the series lead to 3-0 and have them just one victory away from their first Cup Finals since the magical year of 1994. Per Bloomberg:

"Tickets for Game 3 at Madison Square Garden tomorrow night, the Rangers’ first home playoff game in 11 days, sold yesterday morning for an average of $601, up 58 percent since the start of the series, according to online aggregator SeatGeek. It’s the most expensive non-Stanley Cup finals game that the company has seen since it began tracking in 2010, eclipsing a 2012 game also at MSG. Average face value for this round is $273, with tickets ranging from $145 to $1,776."

As for the keys for victory, the Rangers have done such a great job of controlling rebounds and the action in front of Lundqvist allowing him to see the puck and make big saves. They've also done a tremendous job on big defenseman P.K. Suppan by attacking him defensively and getting in front of his heavy slap shot when he's in their zone. In addition, the Rangers have tried to counter attack with their young, skilled marksmen according to WFAN-NY's resident hockey guru Brian Monzo. 

"He's been matched against Chris Kreider, and has been forced to deal with Kreider's speed, as opposed to offense first," Monzo says. "When he has had the opportunity to score, Lundqvist has been on point with stopping whatever has come his way."

Rangers fans hope this trend continues and they are able to put the series in a stranglehold with a victory tonight at the World's Most Famous Arena.

If you're thinking about heading to the game tonight or if you're going to be heading to Game 4 and hopefully the StanleyCup finals, be sure to CHECK CHARGED for the latest on the best prices and best deals for really good seats. 

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