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Paul George Diagnosed With Concussion

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

George’s status for Game 3 is up in the air after the diagnosis.

Paul George Diagnosed With Concussion

After taking a knee to the head from Dwayne Wade in the 4th quarter of Game 2 last night, Indiana Pacers star Paul George has been diagnosed with a concussion. Immediately following the play on the court, George was examined by the team doctors and run through the concussion tests, and he passed them. After the game though, George admitted that he had blacked out during the play and continued on with some blurred vision. From NBA.com:

Immediately after the play, George exhibited no symptoms of a concussion and, in response to questions from the Pacers’ medical staff, he denied dizziness, nausea, and issues with his vision. He was also active and aware of his surroundings. As a result, the Indiana medical staff did not suspect a concussion.

Following the game, George stated for the first time that he “blacked out” on the play. As a result of this statement, the team conducted the NBA-mandated concussion assessment, which did not reveal any active symptoms of concussion.

Because of the statement and Indiana’s ongoing evaluation and management of potential concussions, George underwent further testing and evaluation Wednesday morning. He has been diagnosed by the team’s consulting neurologist with a concussion, based on his post-game reporting that he had briefly lost consciousness during the game.

The immediate thought that comes to mind is whether or not George lied during the initial on-court examination or whether the test was administered properly by Indiana's doctors. That we don't know, but I can say from experience that blacking out in the immediate aftermath of a play is something that you might just forget.

When I was in high school, I blacked out after getting knocked hard to the ground during a soccer game. I don't remember the fall, and it wasn't serious enough that I was on the ground for any length of time. I must have gotten up on my own, because I played the rest of the game (pretty poorly, obviously) and didn't really think anything of it. But afterwards, I realized that I had blacked out.

If you had asked me immediately after, I don't know if I would have even known that I had blacked out. Would I have been able to pass a concussion test immediately afterwards? That I don't know, but obviously I didn't present enough symptoms for someone to think that there was something wrong with me. In George's case, he was administered the proper protocol and deemed fit to play. I don't think that George was trying to game the system to stay in the game, nor do I think the Pacers staff was in the wrong. This statement made by the NBA's Director of its Concussion Program speaks to that:

Dr. Jeffrey Kutcher, Director of the NBA Concussion Program, has been in contact with the team medical staff and stated, “The Indiana Pacers medical team followed the NBA concussion protocol and there was no indication of concussion during the game. This case illustrates that concussion evaluation is an ongoing process and manifestations of the injury may not always present immediately.”

George's health is the most important aspect of this story, but for the Pacers, they want to know whether or not their star will be available for Game 3 against the Miami Heat. Luckily for them, that game doesn't take place until Saturday. George has quite a bit of time to recover, but he has to pass the required protocol to be cleared to play. You can bet that everything will be exactly by the book, and hopefully George is well enough to play by Saturday's game.

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