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Tokyo Police Club at Webster Hall [Review + Photos]

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Even with a curfew, the Ontario indie rock band rocked out in New York City to a sold-out crowd.

Tokyo Police Club at Webster Hall [Review + Photos]

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The beauty of seeing bands that have rich discographies is that you can never quite predict what they are going to play. The band could opt to play earlier stuff, they could play more of their new music to promote it, or they could go off the map and play some deep cuts. You want them to play your favorites, but that differs for every individual fan.

When Tokyo Police Club played Webster Hall last night in New York City, they offered up a solid mix of songs across all four of their albums (including their newest release, Forcefield. The bigger question surrounded what favorites of mine would they play?

Turns out they played them all. They opened with a new favorite, "Argentina (Parts I, II, III)" that serves as the first song on Forcefield. It's an eight-minute jam that has plenty of spunk and tone shifts across the three individual parts. They played "Frankenstein," the dynamic closer to the 2010 album Champ. They played other choice cuts from Champ, including "Favourite Colour," "Breakneck Speed," and "Bambi." Lead singer David Monks played a stellar acoustic and unplugged (literally) solo version of "Tesselate" from Elephant Shell, and they closed the evening with their big hit from that album, "Your English Is Good."

But the biggest gem of the night for me came when they played my favorite song off of Champ sandwiched between those tracks from Elephant Shell during the encore: "Favourite Food." When discussing which of the "Favourite" songs they would play during the course of the set with a friend at the show, we assumed they would play "Colour" but I really was hoping for "Food" as well. When the encore came and it still hadn't come, I was beginning to accept the fact that I wouldn't hear it. But after "Tessalate," people began shouting out the names of songs they wanted to hear. A young woman standing near me shouted out "FAVOURITE FOOD!" I shouted back "YES!" and high-fived her, saying I really hoped that they would play that too. Sure enough, Monk started to croon those familiar opening lines: 

"With a heart attack on your plate/ You were looking back on your days/ How you spent them all in a blur/ When they asked if you were for sure."

We glanced at each other, nodded, proceeded to go nuts during the song (especially the great, percussive conclusion), and afterwards she said, "They must have known what we were thinking." They must have. It was one of the cooler concert moments of my life, to actually get the song I was hoping to hear, and to surprisingly share it with someone wanting the exact same thing was really kind of mind-blowing. So if you're reading this, thank you, young woman standing next to me at the Tokyo Police Club show.

If the band hadn't been restricted by a curfew, they could have dipped into more of their pool of songs for some more tracks off of Elephant Shell perhaps. But their set hummed along at just over an hour and fifteen minutes, and because many of the band's songs are under three minutes, they packed plenty of material into the show. Because of how fast-paced everything moves, the show did have that brisk feeling to it even though we heard a lot of songs.

But still, it was completely enjoyable. The band puts on a fantastic live show, and when the crowd sings along to basically every song (even the new ones), it's easy to make friends. Check out some photos of the show below, and if you're a fan of relentlessly awesome music, do yourself a favor and check out Tokyo Police Club live for yourself!

Tokyo Police Club at Webster Hall

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