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What Happened Between Jay Z and Solange? [VIDEO]

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

TMZ released elevator security footage of Solange attacking Jay Z over the weekend. What caused it?

A lot happened over the weekend, but it's something that happened last week that has everyone buzzing now. Security footage taken from an elevator at the Standard Hotel in NYC has been released by TMZ showing Solange physically attacking Jay Z while Beyoncé stands by at the Met Gala.

The scene looks incredibly heated, at least when looking at Solange. Something really set her off, because once everyone is in the elevator, she immediately gets in Jay Z's face and begins her verbal assault. Then the shoving starts and it eventually leads to kicking. Jay Z defended himself as Solange attacked and a large security guard tried to keep them separated. Beyoncé stood practically motionless while the whole thing unfolded. Over the course of the minute-long video, Solange launched herself at Jay Z twice while he tried to defend the attack without striking back. 

The entire scene is incredibly odd, and adding to the intrigue is the lack of audio. Part of what is making this such big news right now is the juicy, speculative nature of the incident. What the hell was Solange so upset about that she would attempt to kick and punch Jay Z? Did he say something? What was Beyoncé saying, if she was saying anything? Now that the footage is out, these are going to be the questions on everyone's mind.

Without any context, it's easy to point the finger at Solange here. While everyone else is trying to settle things down, she is the one that keeps escalating things.But, we also don't know what happened right in the elevator or outside in the moments leading up to everyone getting on. This could be about something that happened a while ago, for all we know. Or Solange could have just snapped. Either way, all parties are going to be subjected to questions about what really went down last week.

What Happened Between Jay Z and Solange? [VIDEO]

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