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Joey Crawford's Greatest Hits

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

After yet another incident last night, let’s look back at some of Crawford’s best moments as a referee.

Joey Crawford's Greatest Hits

Once again, referee Joey Crawford made a spectacle of himself last night during the NBA Playoffs. With the Oklahoma City Thunder trailing the Memphis Grizzlies by two points in overtime, Kevin Durant was fouled and sent to the line for the potential game-tying free throws. Durant made the first one, then was set to take the second. As he's about to shoot, Crawford races up to Durant, takes the ball from him, and marches over to the scorer's table. 

Why did Crawford do this? So that he could berate the operators about an error on the scoreboard. Crawford wanted the scoreboard to reflect that both Oklahoma City and Memphis were in the bonus, and he chose a great time to point out such a minuscule detail on the jumbo-tron.

Here's Crawford going after the ball, via SB Nation:

Here's what happened once Crawford returned and gave Durant the ball back:

Essentially, Crawford iced Durant. It's neither here nor there to decide whether or not Durant would have made the free throw uninterrupted, but the larger issue is that Crawford disrupted the game. Again. This is nothing new for Crawford, who likes to make his presence known during games when we'd rather he just stay out completely. Let's run through some of Crawford's "Greatest Hits" if you will.

Ejecting Tim Duncan For Laughing

Tim Duncan received two technical fouls while on the bench back in 2007. Duncan laughed while on the bench at a call that was made by Crawford. Seeing this, Crawford gave Duncan another technical foul, which ejected him from the game. Duncan claimed that Crawford asked him if he wanted to fight at one point during the whole thing. The incident led to Crawford's suspension.

Blocking Call Dance

24-Second "Violation" In 2013 Conference Finals

Moving Screen Call in NBA Finals

Fan-Made "Joey Crawford Is The Worst Referee" Video

This video basically sums up all of the above for Joey Crawford.

Please just stay out of the way, Joey. For the good of everyone.

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