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Robinson Cano Returns To Boos in NYC [Video]

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Jimmy Fallon coaxed New Yorkers into unknowingly booing the former Yankees second baseman.

When Robinson Cano left the New York Yankees in free agency for a lucrative 10-year, $240 million contract with the Seattle Mariners, he had to know he'd be alienating a few Yankees fans in the process. Even though Cano was a tremendous success in New York and helped the Yankees win a title, he will likely hear his fair share of boos when he returns to Yankee Stadium tonight for the first time as a Mariner.

Thankfully, Jimmy Fallon was around to help prepare Cano. He sent the All Star out into the streets of New York to get a taste of what he can expect tonight. Cano hid inside a giant cardboard box with his image on it while unsuspecting New Yorkers were asked if they would boo Cano at the game. If they said yes, they were asked to boo the giant box. They all took part, and they all heckled the box.

When they turned around, Cano walked out to surprise them, and just like you would expect, the booing stopped and the gushing began. It was a great set-up, and it kind of perfectly encapsulated Internet/celebrity culture. We will gladly talk shit about someone when he or she isn't there. If he or she is, it's a completely different story. The video would have been absolutely perfect if one of the participants had kept booing him right to his face. You figure someone might actually do that in NYC, but there weren't any takers.

Robinson Cano Returns To Boos in NYC [Video]

For the record, I wouldn't boo Robinson Cano, in giant cardboard box form or in person. But that's just me. You can decide whether you will boo him or not with tickets to tonight's game.

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