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Choice Streets Gearing Up For Another Tasty Year

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Over 20 of NYC’s best food trucks will be on display at the Intrepid Museum on May 7.

Choice Streets Gearing Up For Another Tasty Year

I grew up in a very rural section of the Catskills. The concept of a food truck was completely foreign to me before I moved to New York City. The closest I came to a food truck was an ice cream truck, and aside from that I had random hot dog vendors here and there. If you wanted food you bought it at the store and prepared it or went to a restaurant and ordered it. Food trucks were not an option.

When I moved to the NYC area in early 2012, I started to learn about , I became aware of food trucks but still hadn't been introduced. Winter isn't the most ideal season for food trucks, especially with how brutal the weather can be in New York. Once summer rolled around, the food trucks became more present on the streets. I knew it wouldn't be long before I had my first experience.

Food trucks began popping up all around our offices in DUMBO, and I became addicted to them. There is something that is just very appealing about food trucks (when the lines aren't long, that is). For starters, you're outside and not trapped in a building. Preferably, the sun is shining and the conversation is pleasant as everyone gets food outdoors. You can actually see the people making your food. They are usually very warm and inviting. You get the food in a matter of minutes. And it tastes pretty fantastic.

Food trucks are a big part of summer around the office. There is a lot a few blocks away where a few different trucks gather every day to serve up food for the working people of DUMBO. I usually have to control myself to keep from eating there every day. The choices are all top notch: Korilla BBQ, Burgers and Bites, Carl's Steaks, Hibachi Heaven, Mike N' Willie's, and so many more make their way to DUMBO every week. 

Many of these same trucks will be appearing at the Third Annual Choice Streets Food Truck Tasting Event. For the third year, The Village Voice has gathered the top food trucks from around New York City on the deck of the Intrepid for hungry New Yorkers to sample. Tickets are still available for the event by heading over to http://microapp.villagevoice.com/choicestreets/2014/index.php.

Check out the full list of trucks that will be appearing below, and get ready to feast on some awesome food on May 7!

Big D's Grub Truck
Carl's Steaks
Comme Ci Comme Ca
Dub Pies
Hibachi Heaven
Korilla BBQ
Love Mamak & Lucky Yim
Luke's Lobster
Luzzo's La Pizza Napoletana
Mike N' Willie's
Moo Shu Grill
Solber Pupusas
Souvlaki GR
Sweet Chili
Taipan Fusion Express
Uncle Gussy's
Valducci's Pizza

Want great tickets but hate paying fees? Check CHARGED.fm to find tickets for less and NO FEES!

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