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The Used at Best Buy Theater [Review + Photos]

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Bert McCracken and The Used put on a frenzied and fun show in NYC last night.

The Used at Best Buy Theater [Review + Photos]

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In my opinion, the biggest reason The Used have been able to forge out a career as long and successful as they have is lead singer Bert McCracken's infectious energy. His voice is one that makes a big impact upon listening. I know when I listen to The Used, my imagination begins running wild because of how wild Bert gets himself. He really takes you on a roller coaster of different feelings and emotions, and those can often change rapidly within individual songs.

That's what excited me the most when I saw The Used open up for Taking Back Sunday last night at the Best Buy Theater in New York City. I knew how McCracken's voice made me feel when it was just off the studio versions, but I wanted to know what kind of emotions and feelings his live performance would bring about. It was even more powerful than I anticipated. His voice is basically studio quality, and in addition to that you get to see McCracken bounce around on stage. The crowd is so amped up for the show that he doesn't even need to bother with all the antics on stage, but he clearly enjoys it just as much as the crowd does. 

The show ran the gamut from new (off their new album Imaginary Enemy) and old songs (they went all the way back to tracks like "Buried Myself Alive") in the catalog with incredible verve. McCracken was much more vocal about a variety of different things between songs. At one point, he challenged the audience to follow less people in Twitter and to start leading more in real life. He spoke of his parents and grandparents being racists and homophobes. He even told the crowd to find a wealthier person than them that had the band's new album and to steal it from him or her. It was a little surprising, but certainly not unwelcome.

And the chatter didn't seem to disrupt the energy in the theater at all. Mini mosh pits broke out during every song, waves of crowd surfers made their way down from the back into the photo pit, and all the while the whole crowd belted out every word to every song. The way the band and the crowd mutually fueled each other was just how a show should be, and that all starts with McCracken.

Check out all of our great photos from the set here (including one that was included in Billboard.com's 'Music Photos of the Week):

The Used at Best Buy Theater

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