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Steve Aoki Announces Headlining Show at Madison Square Garden

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

‘Neon Future I’ will drop on August 12.

Steve Aoki Announces Headlining Show at Madison Square Garden

After a bus ride from Tribeca to Madison Square Garden (which we'll have more info on later), international DJ and producer Steve Aoki held a press conference to announce he would be headlining there on August 16, 2014. The show will come just a few days after the release of his highly-anticipated second album, Neon Future I, and Aoki promised everyone in attendance (including concert winners that were informed during the conference that they would receive tickets to the show) that this would be an absolutely unforgettable night.

Aoki made several announcements during the short press conference held inside The Garden, but the one he spent the most time on was the show at MSG. He spoke at length about what an incredible achievement it is to be able to play the venue. From the earliest stages of his career, everything about his live shows was about bringing the experience of being himself to the crowd, and the opportunity to do that in New York City, where his father lived and Steve spent a lot of time himself, is truly humbling. Aoki broke down a little to hearty applause when he mentioned how proud his father would be if he could see him headlining MSG, and that really gives you an idea of how important this really is to him.

The concert was announced with a short trailer before Aoki came to the podium, which you can see below.

Another big announcement that Aoki made was the release date for Neon Future I, the first part of his highly anticipated double album. The album will be released on August 12 in advance of the MSG show, and it will feature a wide variety of artists that he's used to "visually represent an idea of the future as a world with extreme technological and scientific innovation."

Artists appearing on Neon Future I include will.i.am, Fall Out Boy, Empire of the Sun, Kid Ink, Flux Pavilion, Machine Gun Kelly and Bonnie McKee. The first single, "Rage The Night Away," features Waka Flocka Flame (who was in attendance and was hilariously referred to as "Mr. Waka") and was officially released today. You can listen to this banger below:

Aoki also announced a year-long partnership with Bud Light Platinum as part of their Turn Up Your Night campaign. Aoki and label mates from his Dim Mak label will appear in spots that seek to focus on the musical genre of Bud Light Platinum's millenial audience: electronic dance music. The first 30-second ad was previewed at the press conference.

Check out some photos from the press conference below and be sure to check back soon for our story/photos from the bus ride with Steve Aoki to the Garden!

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