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Flume Takes Over Highline Ballroom

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Check out photos and video of Flume and The Chainsmokers from last night’s sold-out show.

Flume Takes Over Highline Ballroom

Last night at NYC's Highline Ballroom, Australian producer Flume showed exactly why he is one of the big risers in the electronic music industry. Over the course of an hour and change, he put on an absolutely dazzling show from start to finish. 

Every aspect of the show was in top form: the visual component, the flow of the music, and the man himself. Flume was an energetic presence right from the very start. His youthful exuberance is pretty contagious, and aside from moving back and forth from switch to switch at his setup, he was constantly getting the crowd into it. He raised his hands, he clapped, he danced, and he spoke to the crowd at certain intervals.

The thing I appreciate most about Flume's set is the attention to detail. The set is well plotted out and does a great job transitioning from song to song. And the beauty is that his set isn't a one-note thing. The opening act, The Chainsmokers, are good at setting the mood for a rave-like party. That was totally fine for what it was, but Flume's approach comes a bit deeper of a musical understanding. His songs are really fleshed out for rises and falls in the action. There are plenty of times when the music gets very hyped and the crowd goes nuts, but there are plenty more where the production is very understated and slowed down. Just like a good rock band mixes in some slow songs, Flume really nows how to structure his set.

There were a couple of highlights from Flume's set. The first came when he dropped a new remix for the crowd, one that he had also played the previous weekend when he killed it at Coachella Music Festival. He said that it was something he did with one of his friends, and that friend turned out to be Lorde. Flume remixed Lorde's hit "Tennis Court" and turned the very minimal, brooding single into a thunderous dance song. The verses maintained their tone, but the chorus was filled with fluttering blasts of organ-like synths that sent the crowd into hysterics. It was massive and awesome, and it really must be seen in person to be experienced fully.

The other highlight was the track "You & Me" that came at the end of his set. The song is all over the place right now (including a Lacoste commercial) and it was a sensuous and climactic way to end a set.

At just 22, Flume is establishing his territory in the electronic music world and is going to be here for a long time. He's creative, he's got fire, and he really knows how to produce. The MTV event was for "Artists to Watch," but I would say that Flume is past that point right now. He's already arrived, and people should know who this young man is. 

Check out photos of both Flume and The Chainsmokers below:


The Chainsmokers

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