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Billy Hamilton is the Fastest Man Alive [GIF]

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Hamilton scored on a ridiculously shallow pop fly against the Cardinals yesterday.

After yesterday, Billy Hamilton can claim a place in the conversation of who is the fastest man in baseball. We knew he was fast based on his track record. Twice he stole over 100 bases in the minors (including 155 in 2012 in 132 games between A+ and AA). In his brief MLB debut at the end of last season, Hamilton stole 13 bases in 13 games. 

But yesterday, Hamilton showed us what all the hype was really about when the Cincinnati Reds played the St. Louis Cardinals. In the GIF above (via Deadspin), Hamilton scores on a sacrifice fly to shallow, shallow, shallow right field. It's more of a pop-up than anything else. Rightfielder John Jay catches the ball maybe 30 feet or so outside of the infield dirt, and Hamilton just takes off. One would figure an outfielder can make a 120-150 foot throw to home in the time it would take a runner to get from third to home. Not when that runner is Billy Hamilton.

That is freaky speed, the kind that can wreak havoc on opposing teams. The only problem so far is that Hamilton hasn't been able to get on base nearly enough to make a difference with his legs. It's a small sample size, but after eight games, Hamilton is batting just 5-for-26 (.192) and has only drawn two walks (.250 OBP). For all of us, please just get on base more consistently Billy. I'm sure the Reds feel the same way.

Billy Hamilton is the Fastest Man Alive [GIF]

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